Paull Stephen: Utility meter remote automatic reading system. Constellation Science and Technology Corporation, April 11, 1972: US3656112 (166 worldwide citation)

A digital data processing and communications system for a remote utility meter data acquisition system is disclosed. The system employs an electronic interrogator which may be either mobile or fixed. The interrogator transmits an encoded interrogation message to a designated fixed reply station asso ...

Solheim Karsten: Correlated golf club set. April 11, 1972: US3655188 (148 worldwide citation)

A correlated set of golf clubs of the type commonly referred to as irons is disclosed. Various dimensions are the same for all club heads of a set even though loft and lie angles A and C are different for each. Weight is controlled by the depth of a cavity in the rear of the club head. A slope angle ...

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An electrostatic latent image is developed by using a finely-divided, rapid melting toner comprising a colorant, a solid, stable hydrophobic metal salt of a fatty acid, and a polymeric esterification product of a dicarboxylic acid and a diol comprising a diphenol.

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Apparatus for separating whole blood into at least two fractional components and continuously returning at least one component thereof to the source of the blood. The apparatus includes supply means establishing continuous communication between the source and the separating means, the separating mea ...

Seiner Jerome A: Slow release films and methods of making same. PPG, April 11, 1972: US3655129 (118 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are various coatable films which have entrapped within their polymeric matrix minute droplets of a liquid non-solvent. The polymeric matrix and non-solvent are chosen such that there is effected about the film a controlled release of the non-solvent from the film. Utility lies in ch ...

Moore Robert M, Lauterbach Norman H, Armstrong David P: X-ray examination chair. Kermath Manufacturing Corporation, April 11, 1972: US3655968 (99 worldwide citation)

An X-ray examination chair is disclosed which is capable of swiveling and tumbling so that a patient restrained in the chair is positionable in various desired orientations for X-ray examination procedures.The chair includes an adjustable X-ray film cassette holder mounted for swiveling about the ch ...

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This invention relates to closure members for closing the open end of a pipe section which is so arranged that it will allow the connection of a pipe having a diameter less than that of the pipe section. The closure member itself comprises a plug which has means incorporated therewith to limit axial ...

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A container for diluting and dispensing materials in liquid form that consists of a primary vessel, e.g., a bottle, adapted to contain a diluent such as water and a replaceable cartridge mounted removably in the mouth of the bottle. The cartridge is provided with a laterally projecting circular flan ...

Tesch Guenther Horst: Flexible materials. April 11, 1972: US3655501 (85 worldwide citation)

A sheet material having at least one adhesive surface or one non-slip surface, respectively, and provided with slits which allow the sheet material to expand in at least one direction.

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A resilient cushioning dunnage product for use in packaging or packing comprising an elongated pad-like article formed of a generally loosely inwardly crumpled web of sheet-like material, such as paper sheet, with the lateral edges of the web having been rolled generally inwardly prior to the crumpl ...