Hildebrandt Hans G, Hilzinger Fritz: Surgical cutting instrument. Aesculap Werke Aktiengesellschaft vormals Jetter & Scheerer, March 28, 1972: US3651811 (302 worldwide citation)

A surgical cutting instrument that incorporates electrodes capable of coagulating or cauterizing a severed blood vessel at the same time that it is cut.

Glover Cecil C: Golf club with adjustable weighting plugs. March 28, 1972: US3652094 (245 worldwide citation)

A golf club having provision for adjusting the swing weight and balance of the club. The club head includes a plurality of elongated cavities, each of which mounts an internally threaded sleeve. One or more externally threaded plugs are threadedly retained in each sleeve, the plugs being adapted to ...

Gebel Radames K H: Light control system for use in very low light intensities. March 28, 1972: US3652154 (105 worldwide citation)

A high sensitivity light control system for providing relatively constant effective values of light intensity to photographic devices operating in very low levels of light intensity is provided by using the signal derived by integrating, amplifying, and smoothing the output of a periodically readout ...

Wolf Arnold M, Richter John G: Telephone transaction system. Electrospace Corporation, March 28, 1972: US3652795 (104 worldwide citation)

A system is described for buying materials or services by transferring funds in a bank from a buyer's deposit account to a seller's account. The transfer of funds is accomplished by means of a 'touch-tone' telephone receiving set equipped with a first decoding and printing means. A computer at the b ...

Halsall Vincent Michael, Mrotek Edward Norman: Method of making a dry charged battery. Globe Union, March 28, 1972: US3652341 (100 worldwide citation)

A charged storage battery having improved low temperature activation performance characteristics upon the addition of electrolyte is made by installing assembled battery elements into the container cell compartments; electrically connecting the battery elements; filling the cell compartments with th ...

Massa Frank: Electroacoustic massager for the gums. Massa Division Dynamics Corporation of America, March 28, 1972: US3651576 (93 worldwide citation)

A waterproof dental probe is mounted at one end of a slender handle. The probe includes an ultrasonic transducer for vibrating the surface of the probe. Thus, ultrasonic vibrations may be transferred to the gums and teeth by applying the vibratile probe to the surface thereof.

Baum Martin D, Henry Jr Cyrus P: HEXAARYLBIIMIDAZOLE BIS (p-DIALKYL-AMINOPHENYL-.alpha.,.beta.-UNSATURATED) KETONE COMPOSITIONS. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, March 28, 1972: US3652275 (89 worldwide citation)

Compositions comprising a hexaarylbiimidazole and a selected bis(p-aminophenyl-....alpha. ,.beta.-unsaturated) ketone and optionally, a leuco dye, a polymerizable monomer or inert components such as binders, solvents and the like are photo-activated in the visible light wavelengths.

Greenwood Arthur R, Vesely Kenneth D: Reconditioning system for moving column of reforming catalyst. Universal Oil Products Company, March 28, 1972: US3652231 (78 worldwide citation)

A system for effecting the reconditioning of catalyst particles used in the reforming of a hydrocarbon stream which provides a vertically elongated confined chamber that will have the particles flow down between screens of perforated plates in a descending column through a carbon burn-off section an ...

McNeilly Joseph Hood, Kitajewski Ryszard: Telecommunication system. International Standard Electric Corporation, March 28, 1972: US3652798 (73 worldwide citation)

A timing station provides time division multiplex channel signals on a first closed loop unidirectional transmission line interconnective in tandem subscriber stations, each of which may gain access to an unused channel signal for communication with an idle subscriber station. To protect against fai ...

Powers John V, Romankiw Lubomyr T: Electroplating cell including means to agitate the electrolyte in laminar flow. International Business Machines Corporation, March 28, 1972: US3652442 (71 worldwide citation)

An electroplating cell is constructed to prevent current spreading in the electrolyte during the plating of a metal or metal alloy onto a substrate. The cell is constructed such that the cross-sectional area of current path is substantially the same as the cross-sectional area of a pair of electrode ...