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A method and apparatus particularly for making minute and very accurate images such as the negatives which are printed on photoresists in the production of microelectronic circuits. The method and apparatus employ an objective lens assembly adapted to be positioned in close proximity to a photograph ...

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A medical-surgical dressing is provided for topical application as a conforming cover for the therapy and protection of burns and the like. The dressing which has a porous laminated construction includes a facing layer of thrombogenic open-cell foam material and a coextensive gas-permeable backing. ...

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A method of applying a vertebral appliance for use in bridging one or more diseased or damaged vertebra that comprises a pair of elongate flexible multiapertured together with fasteners used to clamp same on opposite sides of the spinous processes thus spanned. Each strap is of a length adapted to s ...

Lary Banning G: Retention bar means for surgical incision closure. March 14, 1972: US3648705 (148 worldwide citation)

For use in retaining a surgical incision against inadvertent rupture or disruption, a pair of retention bar elements which provides reinforcing means for the retention thread loops of an incision closure and provides means for reducing flesh tearing and necrosis at the thread loop penetrations of th ...

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Reaction products obtained from high molecular weight alkyl-substituted hydroxyaromatic compounds, amines and aldehydes are detergency improvers for liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

Shahrestani Esfandiar: Endoprostheses, especially for hip joints. March 14, 1972: US3648294 (114 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are endoprostheses which include a piston forming a joint head and mounted on a bone and a cylinder for receiving the piston and mounted in the mating bone. The cylinder is divided into two sections, the section for receiving the piston contains a liquid, advantageously in bellows, which l ...

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A device for use with a conventional vacuum adapted with insertion needle for the direct transfer of blood, usually in small quantities, from a human being to a plurality of vacuumized culture bottles with one insertion of the needle into the patient's vein. The device is especially adapted for the ...

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A urethral catheter tube formed of a flexible low-friction plastic is carried in a transparent plastic casing one end of which is flattened and severably joined to a plastic cap member. The other end of the casing is closed to form a reservoir. The cap member is a closed vessel containing a lubrican ...

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A digital countdown circuit is synchronized by a 'flag' signal transmitted every other television field to permit reliable selection of a predetermined television frame line in a system transmitting auxiliary television message information. The 'flag' signal can be unreliable in the sense that the c ...

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An image reproduction process in which an element having a removable support and a photohardenable layer is (1) laminated to a suitable receptor, (2) imagewise exposed through the support to actinic radiation which selectively raises the stick temperature of those areas receiving the radiation, (3) ...