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An apparatus for implantation in the body to locally stimulate a mass of electrically excitable tissue without stimulating nearby tissue structures, and the method of so stimulating the tissue is described. The apparatus includes a plurality of electrodes, each of the electrodes including a pair of ...

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An integrated semiconductor structure including the fabrication thereof, and more particularly, an improved means for interconnecting the two planar surfaces of a semiconductor wafer. To provide the electrically conductive interconnections through the wafer, a hole is etched, insulated, and metalliz ...

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A surgical tool of the type in which cutting or cauterizing current is selectively introduced to a blade by means of a finger-operated switch actuating member, the tool comprised of an outer case and a correspondingly structured removable insert carrying the switching mechanism, the switch actuating ...

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An oximeter having a single light-emitting diode structure capable of emitting the three wavelengths required for oximetry and dye dilution measurements. A ring counter causes three semiconductor chips in the device to be energized in sequence. Light is directed toward the blood sample and the refle ...

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A thin silicon epitaxial layer, formed on a silicon substrate, is subdivided into electrically isolated pockets by a grid of oxidized regions of epitaxial silicon material which extend through the epitaxial layer to a laterally extending PN junction.

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A reinforcing element for connection to a muscle to add pulling power to the muscle. An elongated elastic body member has a head end provided with means for anchoring the same to a portion of a muscle, and an opposite tail end portion having transverse openings for reception of a suture whereby the ...

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A graphic display system including separate means for storing a representation of a value to be graphically displayed and a reference value which is less than the value representation. The reference value is incremented in steps of predetermined amounts and compared with the stored representation. W ...

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A probe and head assembly is provided for use particularly in testing electronically microelectronic devices such as integrated circuit wafers and the like. A very thin probe tip of one piece construction is formed with an integral parallel beam construction and plugs into the head assembly which is ...

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New and improved method and apparatus for the provision of a satisfactory physical and chemical barrier at a fluid interface in the nature of that which occurs at the interface of the separated plasma and packed cells layers in centrifuged blood samples are provided, and are embodied by barrier mean ...

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Pumps capable of use as heart pumps; that is, for pumping blood in connection with the maintenance of the life function in a human or animal body to replace one or more pumping functions of the heart. The pumps are also useful for pumping kidney fluids. The pumps herein described are electrically dr ...