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A valved drainage-control device adapted to be retained in the urinary canal, comprising a slim, elongate, flexible catheter tube at one end connected to both a valve housing and a collapsible enlargement or bulb which latter is adapted to be inflated and to occupy the bladder for retaining the cath ...

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An electrical-surgical machine using high-frequency currents connected to an active electrode and a patient ground plate electrode. The ground plate electrode is a one-piece disposable flexible sheet member having an electrical conductive skin releasably attached to a clamp connected to a line leadi ...

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Industrial luminaire having an optical assembly mounted in offset relation to an associated ballast housing is suspended from a supporting conduit by a horizontally adjustable bracket by means of which the luminaire may be positioned with its center of gravity directly below the supporting conduit.

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A vehicle occupant restraint system having a plurality of bags which are inflated on vehicle impact with a stationary or moving object. One of the bags receives the impact of the occupant's torso and on such impact, has controlled pressure relief to prevent excessive rebounding of the occupant. Anot ...

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A solid-state voltage-controlled capacitor (varactor or varicap) UHF television tuner is described which includes a varicap preselector tuned circuit, a varicap tuned RF amplifier stage inductively coupled to the preselector circuit, and a varicap tuned oscillator stage, both the oscillator stage an ...

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A hardware-oriented control system for use in a time-shared multiprocessor system is disclosed. The system controls the processing or flow of each requested processing operation or job, which typically requires the performance of processing tasks of several different processors. The control system a ...

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A fundamentally conventional diaper having an absorbent pad between an impervious backing material and a pervious facing has its margins folded toward each other with the backing material outermost. Each margin is provided with an adhesively coated tab for use in applying the diaper, a portion of th ...

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An exerciser of the treadmill type. A pair of rigid side members support a series of rollers along a concave curve with a forward portion higher than the rear. A continuous belt has an upper course lying above and resting on these rollers, and a lower course below them, so that a person walking, jog ...

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An improved gunsight utilizing radioluminescent material for permitting sighting of the gun in darkened conditions is described. Particular housings for holding the radioluminescent material are also described, together with methods of applying the radioluminescent material to the sights of guns.

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Two well bores extend from the surface into the oil bearing formation defining a producing well and an electrode well. Electrodes in each well, contacting the formation, are connected to a unidirectional current voltage source at the surface through conductive tubing or pipe in the respective well b ...