Shaw Robert F: Oximeter and method for in vivo determination of oxygen saturation in blood using three or more different wavelengths. February 1, 1972: US3638640 (338 worldwide citation)

Oximeter method and apparatus uses a test appliance that includes a source for directing radiation into skin tissue or other blood-confining container at three or more wavelengths and a detector for sensing the radiation intensity emanating from the skin tissue or other container at each wavelength. ...

Kelley James L: Surgical instrument for intraluminal anastomosis. February 1, 1972: US3638652 (233 worldwide citation)

An instrument for use by surgeons particularly in cases involving resection and anastomosis of vascular and digestive tract organs. The instrument is dimensioned for insertion of the principal parts of the instrument into the open ends of or through stab wounds in the lumena after resection and the ...

Walker Harold R, Kamen Ira: Television receiver cut-in device. Homarket, February 1, 1972: US3639686 (178 worldwide citation)

A market-testing television system which may be utilized with present day television systems and is capable of selecting specific sections of a general audience listening to a conventional channel and providing an auxiliary program for the selected sections.

Noiles Douglas G, Bryan Graham W: Ratchet-driven cartridge for surgical instruments. United States Surgical Corporation, February 1, 1972: US3638847 (105 worldwide citation)

A disposable staple-housing cartridge adapted for mounting on a surgical instrument and particularly suited for stapling skin and fascia. The cartridge comprises, basically, a stationary sawtooth staple-retaining member, a sawtooth staple-driving member mounted for reciprocating movement, an anvil, ...

Leavitt John N, Alas Raigo, Dafoe Edwin C: Stabilized camera mount. Canadian Westinghouse Company, February 1, 1972: US3638502 (84 worldwide citation)

Vehicle-mounted cameras require stabilization to compensate for the erratic movement of the vehicle. This invention provides a stabilized platform for mounting on a vehicle and supporting a camera. The platform is made slightly pendulous so that it is self-erecting to the local vertical and is stabi ...

Kulkens Franz: Physical exercise apparatus with user-actuated arm which is movable against a variable bias. February 1, 1972: US3638941 (83 worldwide citation)

A stationary frame carries one or more actuating members which are forcibly movable with reference to the frame from a normal inactive position to a plurality of active positions in response to the application of requisite force upon an engagement portion provided. Springs are associated with the me ...

Reick Franklin G: Illuminated surgical speculum. Elbert Michael, Picut Frederick R, Reick Franklin G, Wilder Joseph R, February 1, 1972: US3638644 (82 worldwide citation)

An illuminated medical appliance for surgical and diagnostic purposes, the appliance including an applicator, such as a tongue depressor or retractor blade, formed of a strong, heat-resistant resin capable of withstanding the mechanical stresses to which the device is subjected when inserted. The in ...

Berry H Lee: Suturing device. February 1, 1972: US3638653 (81 worldwide citation)

A combination of elements for use in surgery, particularly suturing. The combination includes a conventional needle holder with a second element, namely a needle-suture assembly combining a suture storage chamber and a hollow needle through which the suture is drawn. The needle-suture assembly is as ...

Poletti Charles Ellis: Joint means for use in work supporting arm. February 1, 1972: US3638973 (77 worldwide citation)

A joint means for coupling two elements forming part of a work-supporting arm wherein the joint means is operable between a relaxed condition in which relative movement is permitted between the elements of the work-supporting arm and a rigidified condition in which the elements of the work-supportin ...

Broeg Charles B, Monti Anthony, Troy John P: Direct compression vehicles and method therefor. SuCrest Corporation, February 1, 1972: US3639169 (75 worldwide citation)

A granular, multicomponent direct compression vehicle is made by uniformly blending at least one compactible material with other materials, compacting the blend to a sheet, breaking the sheet up into particles of a desired size and, if necessary, screening. The resulting product when blended with an ...