Schneider Allan K: Polylactide sutures. Ethicon, January 25, 1972: US3636956 (350 worldwide citation)

Absorbable surgical sutures that are dimensionally stable within the body may be prepared by the extrusion of polylactide polymer, including copolymers of L(-) lactide with up to 35 mole percent of glycolide. Said polymers are characterized by an inherent viscosity of at least 1.0, and the extruded ...

Balamuth Lewis: Ultrasonic cauterization. Ultrasonic Systems, January 25, 1972: US3636943 (185 worldwide citation)

The method and apparatus of the invention use ultrasonic energy in the form of mechanical vibrations transmitted by a tool member to close off small severed blood vessels, such as in humans, by the formation of closures at the terminal portions thereof, and stop what is called 'ooze,' that requires ...

Batta Louis Bela: Selective adsorption gas separation process. Union Carbide Corporation, January 25, 1972: US3636679 (142 worldwide citation)

Gas mixtures such as air are separated in selective adsorbent beds to produce low-pressure product such as oxygen by simultaneous compressed air-oxygen introduction at opposite ends for partial repressurization, further repressurization with only air, and then product oxygen discharge.

Balamuth Lewis: Ultrasonic home dental instrument and method. Ultrasonic Systems, January 25, 1972: US3636947 (135 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for hygienic care of the oral cavity for regular use in the home, in which an ultrasonic applicator is used for cleaning of teeth as by the removal of tartar, placque, calculus deposits, stubborn stains, such as are produced by smoking, and simultaneous stimulation of the ging ...

Bailey Marion C, Croswell William F: Stacked array of omnidirectional antennas. January 25, 1972: US3638224 (86 worldwide citation)

A stacked vertically polarized collinear array of a plurality of independently fed omnidirectional antennas operating at different frequencies. Each antenna consists of an array of five circumferential slots in the outer conductor of a dielectric filled shorted coaxial transmission line with a hollo ...

Leiber Heinz, Rodi Anton: Antilocking control for pressure actuated brakes. Teldix, January 25, 1972: US3637264 (85 worldwide citation)

The pressure of the brake-actuating fluid in an antilocking brake control system is varied by pulsing the control valve or valves for durations which are varied to be greater or lesser than the period of that limiting frequency above which the brake system can not respond. In the former case, a rapi ...

Shames Harold, Shames Sidney J, Logan John F: Handle-controlled spray. Melard Manufacturing, January 25, 1972: US3637143 (79 worldwide citation)

A handle-controlled spray is provided for bathroom use with faucets or as a shower, wherein controlled flow therefrom is initiated by squeeze-type pressure. The handle-controlled spray has a safety flow valve that is self-closing with the pressure and a drip-preventing head.

Duffy Laurence Sidney: Measurement of fluid flow. George Kent, January 25, 1972: US3636767 (74 worldwide citation)

An electric signal is produced which is dependent on fluid flow, by producing a magnetic field which changes with fluid flow and by positioning in the changing magnetic field a semiconductor detector whose electrical characteristics change in accordance with the changes in the field and which produc ...

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An articulated boom having a single joint intermediate the ends thereof is pivoted at one end about a horizontal axis of a support member. The support member is in turn connected to a mount member and pivoted about a vertical axis thereof. The other end of the boom has end effectors and end effector ...

Fritzius Robert S: Ion wind generator. January 25, 1972: US3638058 (71 worldwide citation)

An ion wind generator in which a plurality of cathodes is disposed in operable proximity to a plurality of anodes forming an array with a high-voltage electric field on the order of 10 kilovolts per centimeter impressed between them causing the formation of ions which, in turn, are attracted by the ...