Klieman Charles H: Embolectomy catheter. United States Catheter & Instrument Corporation, January 18, 1972: US3635223 (158 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for extracting emboli comprising a cannula, preferably guidable, adapted to be projected through a body passage (e.g., vein or artery) to a point adjacent the embolus to be removed, together with a catheter adapted to be passed through the cannula and having a distal end provided with an i ...

Yoshida Kenji, Ichikawa Osamu: Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuits. Tokyo Shibaura Electric, January 18, 1972: US3634929 (102 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor integrated circuit is manufactured by forming a plurality of circuit elements in a semiconductor substrate, covering the circuit elements with an insulating film except exposed portions thereof, forming a first conductive path on the insulating film, at least a portion of the first c ...

Hellstrom Harold Richard: Quick-open flexible package. January 18, 1972: US3635376 (87 worldwide citation)

I disclose a quick-open container structure comprising a pair of sheet members, means for peripherally sealing said sheet members to define a containment section therebetween, said peripheral sealing means being interrupted to define a relatively narrowed dispensing channel, extending from said cont ...

Ball Douglas C, Neufeld John W: Desk with hidden wiring. Massey Ferguson, January 18, 1972: US3635174 (83 worldwide citation)

A desk provided with a vertical flat pedestal supporting one end of the top has a wiring channel formed in an edge of the pedestal. A nose molding closes the channel normally, but may be removed to lay in an appliance cord without disconnecting the cord from either the appliance or its connector plu ...

Smith Alfred H: Reinforcing silica filler. General Electric Company, January 18, 1972: US3635743 (83 worldwide citation)

An improved reinforcing silica filler is made by first treating a reinforcing silica filler with ammonia and then treating the filler with hexamethyldisilazane. The treated filler when used in a composition containing a silanol end-stopped polydimethylsiloxane curable to a silicone rubber, provides ...

Blake Lawrence W, Bett Bruce D, Lieber Clement E: Method of making multilumen balloon catheter. American Hospital Supply Corporation, January 18, 1972: US3634924 (77 worldwide citation)

A multilumen tube is extruded from a thermoplastic material having a memory characteristic. An end portion of the tube is heated sufficiently to soften the plastic and permit the end portion to be drawn out to a reduced diameter. A pair of metal ferrules is placed on the reduced end portion in prede ...

Dickmann John L, Flick Howard S: Power tong head and assembly. Byron Jackson, January 18, 1972: US3635105 (76 worldwide citation)

A power tong in which the rotary head has opposed jaws slidably mounted in jaw guides and shiftable radially outwardly by springs and radially inwardly by cam surfaces and cam followers, the cam surfaces being compound so as to move the jaws inwardly upon rotation of an outer drive ring in either di ...

Amrehn Hermann: Method and system for the automatic control of chemical plants with parallel-connected computer backup system. Chemische Werke Huls Aktiengesellschaft, January 18, 1972: US3636331 (70 worldwide citation)

A method and system for the automatic control and regulation of chemical processes in chemical plants using digital process computers which comprises operating at least two identical computers in parallel, each equipped with an operating core storage means (principal memory means) and a mass storage ...

Furgal Henry P: Coating apparatus. Colgate Palmolive Company, January 18, 1972: US3634947 (67 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for conditioning fibrous materials includes a rotatable drum in which the fibrous material may be tumbled, as in an automatic laundry dryer, and held, to the interior wall of the drum, so as to be in form-retaining relationship therewith, a base which has on an exterior surface thereof ...

Kobayashi Kesanao: Light-sensitive lithographic plate. Polychrome Corporation, January 18, 1972: US3635709 (65 worldwide citation)

Light-sensitive compositions and positive-acting lithographic printing plates made therewith comprising an ester of 2-diazo-1-naphthol-4(or -5)-sulfonic acid with a polyhydroxy-phenyl that is a condensation product of acetone and pyrogallol.

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