Soumas Charles A, Spontak David J: Analog computation of insurance and investment quantities. Aero Flow Dynamics, January 11, 1972: US3634669 (168 worldwide citation)

A portable analog computer for determining insurance requirements, taking net worth into account, and for calculating investment returns on funds that are incremented periodically and earn compound interest at a prescribed rate.The computer includes assemblages that are oppositely energized from a c ...

Grobe Friedrich, Weitze Artur: Detachable electrical contact arrangement. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, January 11, 1972: US3634807 (114 worldwide citation)

A detachable electrical contact arrangement for positioning between contact surfaces on units to form electrical connections therebetween characterized by a thin insulating sheet having contact elements disposed thereon in a predetermined pattern and the contact elements having a current path throug ...

Sanford Robert A: Chromatic temperature indicator. Meditech Energy and Environmental Corporation, January 11, 1972: US3633425 (104 worldwide citation)

A fever indicator which can be visually monitored by observation of a temperature-dependent color-changing characteristic thereof. Said indicator is advantageously formed of a mixture of liquid crystals, e.g., a mixture formed of cholesteryl pelargonate and cholesteryl oleyl carbonate and maintained ...

Hoeflin Melvin W: Spherical device for conditioning fabrics in dryer. Colgate Palmolive Company, January 11, 1972: US3633538 (83 worldwide citation)

A device for conditioning fabrics in a dryer comprising a spherical-shaped body having a plurality of openings therein which are filled with a solid-type fabric conditioner. Since the spherical body is of a resilient material, there will be little noise or vibration caused thereby during the drying ...

Samuel Ronald A: Electric typewriter key and keyboard arrangement. January 11, 1972: US3633724 (81 worldwide citation)

A keyboard arrangement for use with a standard electric typewriter in which the conventional complement of standard keys are replaced by eight polygonal-shaped key members, each of the eight key members being operable to actuate five adjacent levers of the typewriter. Each of the eight key members i ...

Teagno Wladimiro, D Urso Gianfranco: Hermaphroditic connector assembly. AMP Incorporated, January 11, 1972: US3634811 (80 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a hermaphroditic contact and connector assembly and the contact comprises a wire-connecting section integral with male and female contact sections, wherein a channel from which the base extends as a tab and the sides extend over the tab as spring arms for receiving a tab of an ...

Sarnoff Stanley J: Pneumatically actuated pressure dressing. Survival Technology, January 11, 1972: US3633567 (78 worldwide citation)

A pneumatically actuated pressure bandage adaptable for use as a compression bandage, tourniquet or cuff wherein the pressure is applied by a manually operated pump and further wherein regulating means are provided to selectively bleed off the pressure.

Yurdin Alfred: Evaporative deodorizing system. January 11, 1972: US3633881 (74 worldwide citation)

This apparatus for evaporating deodorant liquid into a room, or into an air-circulating system, has a centrifugal blower that draws air through an air supply passage in which a wick for deodorizing liquid is located in position to take advantage of the airflow at subatmospheric pressure on the sucti ...

Cyr Steven J, Whelan Mark W, Jones Kenneth L: Hot food container. Standard Oil Company, January 11, 1972: US3633785 (65 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a foamed-plastic hot food container including a tray and a cover hinged to the tray. Both the tray and cover include a generally V-shaped divider and support member which divides both the tray and cover into cavity sections and which, when the cover is fitted over the tray, abut each ot ...

Fishbein Meyer: Orthopedic single-blade bone cutter. January 11, 1972: US3633583 (65 worldwide citation)

A surgical rotary bone cutter having a rotary cutter head shaped as a substantially hemispherical surface of revolution coaxial with its axis of rotation and being longitudinally and medially split into two halves by a diametrical slot intersecting the axis of rotation. A single flat blade having a ...