Santomieri Louis S: Infusion tube holder and method. Deseret Pharmaceutical Company, December 28, 1971: US3630195 (198 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus adhesively holding a looped infusion tube adjacent a venipuncture site, the apparatus including a generally flat body member carried upon an adhesive strip and opposed tube receiving recesses.

Higuchi Takeru: Ocular insert. ALZA Corporation, December 28, 1971: US3630200 (137 worldwide citation)

Drug dispensing ocular insert for insertion into the cul-de-sac of the conjunctiva between the sclera of the eyeball and the lid to dispense drug to the eye over a prolonged period of time is rendered more compatible with the eye and surrounding tissues by fabricating the insert of an inner core con ...

Burnside Carl B: Components for making a strip package. Eli Lilly and Company, December 28, 1971: US3630346 (93 worldwide citation)

A method of packaging small articles in individual plastic blisters with the containers being integrally connected to form a strip package. The backside or label of the strip package is prepared by removing portions of a protective paper or foil cover to expose areas of a pressure-sensitive adhesive ...

Homier Robert I: Seat assembly. Lear Siegler, December 28, 1971: US3630572 (85 worldwide citation)

A seat assembly comprising a molded foam cushion having laterally spaced bolster portions, a molded plastic pad secured to the bottom of the cushion and having a fine grid and at least two heavy strands. There are openings in the cushion directly above the heavy strands which locate and receive hook ...

Listner Gregory J: Polypropylene monofilament sutures. Ethicon, December 28, 1971: US3630205 (76 worldwide citation)

A flexible, uniform monofilament of isotatic polypropylene having an improved hand and an ultimate elongation greater than 35 percent is prepared by extruding isotatic polypropylene having a weight average molecular weight between 299,000 and 316,000 to form a monofilament, stretching said monofilam ...

Hoff George S, Kelly Richard P: Sharing of microprograms between processors. Honeywell, December 28, 1971: US3631405 (71 worldwide citation)

A multiprocessor system includes two microprogrammed processors, each having a different instruction repertoire and capable of executing separate programs or portions thereof independently. Both processors share a common memory unit and communicate through established groups of memory storage locati ...

Jamshidi Khosrow: Instrument for internal organ biopsy. December 28, 1971: US3630192 (71 worldwide citation)

Biopsy needle means particularly adapted for the withdrawal of tissue through a cannula forced through or along an unnatural route into the interior of a live body or organ such as thyroid, spleen, or a tumor mass, the means comprising, in combination, a biopsy needle including a generally hollow ax ...

Minor Ray C: Breakaway pole support structure. Kearney National, December 28, 1971: US3630474 (70 worldwide citation)

A breakaway support system for a light pole in which a pole base is connected by four elongated breakaway connector members each formed with a tapered conical flange base threaded onto bolts of a foundation with an elongated body portion extending from the base for connection to the base member of a ...

Dow Doris I, Kollar Ernest P: Portable inflatable enclosure for personal use. December 28, 1971: US3629875 (70 worldwide citation)

Crown and base member of corresponding size and shape peripherally connected to upper and lower ends of space-enclosing curtain. Longitudinal pockets on curtain inflatable to erect the enclosure and make it self-supporting. Crown or base or both may be hollow container for water with air pump to for ...

Miller Harold D: High-frequency cavity oscillator having improved tuning means. General Electric Company, December 28, 1971: US3631363 (70 worldwide citation)

A high-frequency coaxial cavity oscillator is provided having an adjustable tuning member centrally carried by the inner conductor of the cavity to minimize detuning of the cavity by thermal expansion of the outer wall.