Higuchi Takeru: Drug-delivery device. Alza Corporation, December 7, 1971: US3625214 (219 worldwide citation)

A drug-delivery device for prolongedly delivering drugs to patients according to any predetermined time release profile, e.g., increasing, decreasing, constant, pulsing, sinusoidal, and like patterns of release, is fabricated by applying a drug coating of varying or uniform thickness to a relatively ...

Muller Wolf F: Controlled curvable tip member. United States Catheter & Instrument Corporation, December 7, 1971: US3625200 (165 worldwide citation)

A wire-controlled curvable tip for a spring guide comprising solid cylindrical links engaging each other with nonlocking ball-and-socket type of articulation and adjustable to varying degrees of curvature by means of wires, each wire passing through a series of matching tunnels lengthwise of the lin ...

Solheim Karsten: Golf club head with complex curvature for the sole and/or the striking face. December 7, 1971: US3625518 (114 worldwide citation)

A golf club is provided with a uniquely curved sole for assisting the golfer in keeping the face of the club pointed in a line to the target when, as the ball is addressed, the lie of the club differs from the normal lie. The sole is curved upwardly from the central portion to the heel portion and f ...

Daly Richard T: Laser scribing apparatus. Quantronix Corporation, December 7, 1971: US3626141 (110 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for scribing semiconductor wafers including a laser, focusing optics and a drive mechanism for moving the focal spot of the laser beam along a prescribed path on the surface of a semiconductor wafer. Globules of material ejected from the wafer by the action of the laser beam are prevented ...

Gilbert Everett A: Hybrid frequency shift-amplitude modulated tone system. December 7, 1971: US3626417 (108 worldwide citation)

A two channel data transmission system using amplitude modulation of the frequency shifted carrier of one channel to transmit the data of the second channel. Both channels operate at the maximum data rate at which either a single AM or FS channel would operate over the same band width.

Florin Robert E: Illuminated suction brain retractor. December 7, 1971: US3626471 (99 worldwide citation)

A surgical tool comprising a brain retractor is shaped so that it may pass through an opening in the skull. The tool has an arched blade with a concave lower surface, flat in cross section, and a pair of tubes mounted on the marginal edges of the arched blade are flush with the lower surface thereof ...

Engelsher Harvey J: Extendible suture guard. Horizon, December 7, 1971: US3625220 (73 worldwide citation)

A retention suture guard is formed of a pair of semirigid inner and outer tubes arranged in telescoping relationship. Locking means between the tubes permit their relative axial movement in one direction to lengthen the device incrementally as desired, while providing substantial resistance to relat ...

Wildi Bernard S, Westman Thomas L: Water-soluble polymer-enzyme products. Monsanto Company, December 7, 1971: US3625827 (72 worldwide citation)

Polymer-enzyme products wherein the enzyme is covalently bound to the polymer chain, the polymer-enzyme product being water soluble. The products have wide applicability as stable, long-acting, enzymatic materials, having same general type of activity as parent enzyme, but with different pH optimum ...

Neuzil Richard W: Separation of paraxylene from mixture of c aromatic utilizing crystalline aluminosilicate adsorbent. Universal Oil Products Company, December 7, 1971: US3626020 (70 worldwide citation)

A process for the separation of paraxylene from a mixture of at least one other xylene isomer using a synthetically prepared crystalline aluminosilicate adsorbent. A feed mixture comprising at least two xylene isomers is passed through a bed of faujasite adsorbent wherein one xylene isomer is prefer ...

Zachmann Howard C: Traffic surveillance and control system. December 7, 1971: US3626413 (64 worldwide citation)

An all-weather system utilizing doppler radar devices for monitoring traffic on highways to provide warnings and diversionary information to motorists. Radar equipment mounted on gantries at selected locations along the highways provides traffic information on the number, type and velocity of vehicl ...

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