Heilman Marlin S, Jones Donald: Angiographic injection equipment. Medrad Incorporated, November 30, 1971: US3623474 (176 worldwide citation)

An angiographic injector system for producing a controlled rate of flow of injection fluid is described. The injector has a motor-driven piston for ejecting fluid from a syringe cartridge contained within a pressure jacket. The drive motor is operated in accordance with a command voltage which is pr ...

Anderson Donald R, Frisque Alvin J: Process for rapidly dissolving water-soluble polymers. Nalco Chemical Company, November 30, 1971: US3624019 (157 worldwide citation)

Water-soluble vinyl addition polymers and gums may be rapidly dissolved in water by first dispersing these polymers into a water-in-oil emulsion and then inverting these emulsions in water. The inversion of the emulsion releases the polymer into water as a solution.

Shebanow Michael S, Borelli Ronald F: Electrographic printing system with plural staggered electrode rows. Honeywell, November 30, 1971: US3624661 (125 worldwide citation)

In an electrographic printing system, a multiple row electrode structure wherein successive rows are mutually spaced from each other, each row including mutually spaced electrodes, the electrodes of successive rows being positioned in a staggered manner with respect to each other. The system further ...

Keisling Wayne H: Wedge bonding tool for the attachment of semiconductor leads. General Motors Corporation, November 30, 1971: US3623649 (109 worldwide citation)

A bonding tool and method is disclosed for bonding the ends of a threadlike wire lead to two spaced-apart regions of a semiconductive device or other electronic article. One form of this invention includes a bonding tool having a tip for use with a reel of lead wire. The tip has an outwardly extendi ...

Mori Yoichi: Electromechanical power train system for an automotive vehicle. Nissan Motor Company, November 30, 1971: US3623568 (94 worldwide citation)

An electromechanical power train system for an automotive vehicle having a driving engine in which an electric generator driven by the engine for generating an electric energy for a battery and an electric drive motor for driving a propeller shaft are incorporated together with an electronic control ...

Rando Frederic D, Rogers William P: Selective blanking of video display. Ultronic Systems Corporation, November 30, 1971: US3624516 (85 worldwide citation)

Alpha numeric information supplied in the form of electrical signals from a plurality of input sources can be fed to a central control unit and rearranged therein for subsequent transmission to one or more video display monitors, each monitor employing a separate cathode-ray tube. Each source can be ...

Sato Toshio, Yamada Matsuichi: Horn antenna. Kobusai Denkshin Denwa Kabushiki Kaisha, November 30, 1971: US3624655 (82 worldwide citation)

A horn antenna produced by angularly flaring the end of a circular of rectangular waveguide into the shape of a horn to be used for radiating or receiving radio waves directly into or from space or to be used as the feed radiator of an antenna for illuminating a mirror and/or a reflector, in which a ...

Bodine Albert G: Sonic apparatus for installing a pile jacket, casing member or the like in an earthen formation. November 30, 1971: US3624760 (77 worldwide citation)

A jacket member is placed over a bar which forms a mandrel and is acoustically coupled thereto by means of adjustable couplers at a plurality of points therealong. A sonic oscillator of the orbiting mass type is coupled to the mandrel and driven at a frequency such as to set up resonant standing-wav ...

De Vries Gerrit: Internal combustion engine. November 30, 1971: US3623463 (69 worldwide citation)

A four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine in which induction and compression occur in one cylinder and expansion and exhaust occur in another cylinder of greater volume to thereby increase the expansion ratio. The inlet valve for the compression cylinder, the exhaust valve for the expansion or ...

McNeilly Michael A, Benzing Walter C: Epitaxial radiation heated reactor and process. Applied Materials Technology, November 30, 1971: US3623712 (68 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and process for vapor depositing epitaxial films on substrates. A gaseous reactant is introduced into a reaction chamber formed from a material, such as quartz, which is transparent and nonobstructive to radiant heat energy transmitted at a predetermined short wavelength. A graphite suscep ...