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A nonreflecting photomask comprises a pattern of an anodized, film-forming material on a transparent substrate. The thickness of the anodic oxide is chosen such that when the mask is employed in selectively exposing a photoresist-coated body to light (by placing the oxide against the photoresist), d ...

Kagan Sholly: Paging receiver having cycling eccentric mass. Bell & Howell Company, November 23, 1971: US3623064 (162 worldwide citation)

A radio-operated paging receiver is fitted with an electrically driven vibrator which causes the receiver to vibrate at a subaudible frequency when a paging signal is received.

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Data processing systems for automatic, on-line checking of numbered reservations and/or the control of credit card purchases, without referencing any data on the ticket or credit card itself. Such systems include a central processor, a remotely addressable central data store for reservation and cust ...

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A conical reflector antenna is disclosed with a feed that is either a close approximation to a line source or a cylindrical structure which is electrically equivalent to a line source. Nearly complete control of its aperture illumination function is achieved by exciting various amounts of the line s ...

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A laser eraser and microwelder capable of operating with a pulsed or continuous-wave laser radiation is described. The device comprises a laser generator, a miniaturized electric power supply unit and a laser working head connected to the power supply unit through a flexible lasing fiber optics acco ...

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A system for transmission of continuous signals wherein the signals are sampled into sections, which sections are subsequently assembled into groups. A frequency band is permanently associated with each section dependent upon its position within the group and for each section an alternating-current ...

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Multitone data-transmitting apparatus employing sinusoidal synthesis with harmonic cancellation. A multitone data transmitter employs relative phase displacements between plural digital waveforms all of which are representative of a tone to be transmitted and a weighted summing network for summing t ...

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An integrated antenna system comprising a ground plane, at least one vertical element substantially perpendicular to the ground plane, a helically shaped element having horizontal polarization and a solid state circuit located at the junction of the horizontal and vertical elements. The described an ...

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Catalyst formed by first adding to a support a chromium-containing compound using an aqueous medium and then adding a titanium-containing compound using a nonaqueous medium.

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A directly compressed tablet containing as a binder-disintegrant ingredient, a partially cold-water soluble, cold-water swelling starch material derived from compacted granular starch, e.g. compacted native corn starch. The compacted granular starch is a superficially dry, free-flowing powder in whi ...