Norman Parkinson, Christine Mary Blakely Easton, Robert Francis Russell: Wallpaper. Scott Bader Company, Jones & Lockwood, November 16, 1971: US3620366 (279 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a wallpaper having a decorative surface and coated on the back surface thereof with a coating of a permanently tacky pressure sensitive adhesive, the decorative surface being coated with a protective coating of a synthetic resin. The pressure-sensitive adhesive coating and th ...

Harvey Kravitz 9243 N Avers St: Device for reducing the pain of injections of medicines and other biologicals. Molinare Allegretti Newitt & Witcoff, November 16, 1971: US3620209 (164 worldwide citation)

A device adapted to be placed upon the skin of a patient to be injected with medicine or other biological and capable of vibrating the skin at the injection area to stimulate the pain center of the skin such that the pain normally associated with injection of medication at said area by a needle or t ...

Edward Emil Schmitt, Rocco Albert Polistina: Cylindrical prosthetic devices of polyglycolic acid. American Cyanamid Company Stamford CT, Samuel Branch Walker, November 16, 1971: US3620218 (148 worldwide citation)

Polyhydroxyacetic ester, also called polyglycolic acid (PGA), has surgically useful mechanical properties as a solid prosthesis, such as reinforcing pins, screws, plates, or cylinders. On implantation, in living mammalian tissue, the polyglycolic acid is absorbed, and replaced by living tissue.

Robert D Fannon Jr 1206 Inverness Ave, Brenton R Lower 1206 Inverness Ave, Leonard E Laufe 1206 Inverness Ave, 15207: Intrauterine contraceptive device. said Laufe by said Fannon and said Lower, Parmelee Utzler & Welsh, November 16, 1971: US3620212 (129 worldwide citation)

An intrauterine contraceptive device formed, in part at least, of a nickel-titanium alloy which has a mechanical memory. The device is formed initially in the desired free shape it will take in the uterine cavity, heat-treated with the free shape being mechanically constrained, and then plastically ...

William Allen Gardner: Sampled data filter. Bell Telephone Laboratories, R J Guenther, William L Keefauver, November 16, 1971: US3621402 (97 worldwide citation)

A sampled data filter is disclosed comprising a plurality of amplifiers interconnected by delay units and feedback resistors. Each delay unit comprises the cascade connection of actuable switches and storage capacitors. The values of the capacitors and feedback resistors are preselected to obtain a ...

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Trace components of a gaseous sample are separated at atmospheric pressure in a drift cell by producing ions of the trace gases through ion-molecule reactions and by separating the resultant product ions in accordance with drift velocity. A molecular beam, including product ions from the drift cell, ...

John H Rump: Plastic food container. Monsanto Company St Louis MO, James C Logomasini, Michael J Murphy, Neal E Willis, November 16, 1971: US3620403 (87 worldwide citation)

A thin-walled thermoplastic container which includes identical dish and cover portions, each having a peripherally extending flange for supporting the other when one is placed on the other to form the assembled container. A restraining collar extending from the flange in the direction of the sidewal ...

Ayers Morison: Indicating device. Miles Laboratories, Harness Dickey & Pierce, November 16, 1971: US3620677 (79 worldwide citation)

1. An indicating device comprising in combination a porous capillary material characterized by connected voids of sufficiently small size to induce the progressive absorption of a fluid, and an impervious covering material enclosing at least the major portion of the exterior surfaces of said capilla ...

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Electromagnetic adhesive comprised of a mixture of a thermoplastic material and ferromagnetic particles having mesh sizes of from 20-200 mesh. The adhesives are employed to bond thermoplastics by the use of inductive heating, the bonding being effected in period of less than two minutes. 13 Claims, ...

Marion Donovan 418 Harbor Road: Combined check and record-keeping book. James D Bock, November 16, 1971: US3620553 (71 worldwide citation)

A refillable checkbook and record-keeping combination for use with conventional bank checks and special preprinted record forms on which the data written on the checks is duplicated when the checks are written. A holder of particular form is secured in a looseleaf notebook and is so constructed as t ...