Needham Riley B: Shale oil production. Phillip Petroleum Company, November 9, 1971: US3618663 (213 worldwide citation)

A nuclear device is positioned in a shale oil formation and detonated to produce a chimney of fractured oil shale with lean shale at the bottom and rich shale near the top of the chimney and producing shale oil by retorting with a heated gas, preferably at a low temperature for a prolonged period fo ...

Bryan Graham W: Surgical stapling cartridge with cylindrical driving cams. United States Surgical Corporation, November 9, 1971: US3618842 (136 worldwide citation)

A sterilized disposable cartridge for a surgical instrument adapted to apply staples to the disunited skin or fascia of a patient in order to effect the joining of the tissue. A number of staples are housed in the staple-carrying cartridge and are supported and driven by means of a pair of threaded ...

Cooper Bernard William, Rubler Jerome: Counterfeit currency detector. Spectronics Corporation, November 9, 1971: US3618765 (134 worldwide citation)

The apparatus disclosed detects counterfeit U.S. paper currency in a manner which is simple, quick, and requires little or not skill. Almost all official U.S. paper currency does not exhibit a chromamorphic response other than that naturally attributable to the cotton or linen stock. Almost all coun ...

Urban Julius C: Vacuum rotary dissector. November 9, 1971: US3618611 (121 worldwide citation)

The device is a surgical instrument appropriately termed a vacuum rotary dissector, for purposes of performing delicate surgical operations such as brain operations for removing undesired tissue, etc. A thin elongated tubular member or sleeve which is motor driven, rotates within another elongated s ...

Flynn Vincent J: Nontoxic radiopaque multiwall medical-surgical tubings. Scientific Tube Products, November 9, 1971: US3618614 (110 worldwide citation)

Multiwall surgical tubing, especially for stomach, thoracic or rectal use, has an inner, relatively thick transparent tube encased in a relatively thin, visually transparent, outer shell which contains a radiopaque material, so that as the X-radiation passes through the lateral edges of the composit ...

Brink Mary E: Diaper with fastener. November 9, 1971: US3618608 (99 worldwide citation)

A multilayer diaper having a belt connected thereto which secures the main section of the diaper around an infant's bottom by means of mating 'Velcro' plush pile fasteners that are sewn to the belt and main section of the diaper.

Ness Richard A: Ocular insert. Alza Corporation, November 9, 1971: US3618604 (96 worldwide citation)

Drug-dispensing ocular insert is comprised of a flexible body of polymeric material that is insoluble in tear liquid and has an imperforate surface. The polymeric material contains a drug which is dispensed to the eye in a therapeutically effective amount by diffusion through the polymeric material. ...

Hewlett William R, Justice Gregory: Distance measuring apparatus. Hewlett Packard Company, November 9, 1971: US3619058 (88 worldwide citation)

The phase of a modulated light carrier signal that is transmitted to and reflected back from a distant reflector is compared with a reference modulated light carrier signal to provide a direct readout of distance to the reflector. The reference and reflected light carrier signals are chopped alterna ...

Galletti Pierre M, Martel Larry, Snider Michael T: Cascade dialysis apparatus and method. November 9, 1971: US3619423 (76 worldwide citation)

A system, such as an artificial kidney, is disclosed which facilitates the removal of undesirable substances found in a fluid material, such as blood. The system utilizes a dialyzer and an ultrafilter having selectively permeable membranes and having an endless fluid material recirculating flow path ...

Fredrikson Bengt, Hellsing Sven, Folgero Kare: Channel-type induction furnace. Allmanna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget, November 9, 1971: US3618917 (76 worldwide citation)

A channel-type induction furnace has one or more inductors, a bottom channel beneath the inductor or inductors and side channels connecting the bottom channel to the hearth. In the case of more than one inductor, there is also at least one central channel running between the inductors. Nozzles are p ...