Shoh Andrew: Ultrasonic motion adapter for a machine tool. Branson Instruments Incorporated, October 19, 1971: US3614484 (133 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic motion adapter for a machine tool comprises two elongated coaxially disposed members coupled to each other with one of the members being adapted to oscillate as a half wavelength resonator at a predetermined frequency, typically at an ultrasonic frequency of 20 kHz. The adapter is desi ...

Caplan Sandor: Liquid crystal day/night mirror. RCA Corporation, October 19, 1971: US3614210 (117 worldwide citation)

The mirror comprises front and rear substrates sandwiching a liquid crystal material therebetween. The front substrate is transparent and has, on its inner surface, a transparent electrode. The rear substrate has, on its inner surface, a metallic electrode having a specular surface. In use, the mirr ...

Mackta Leo: Fluid bifocal spectacle. October 19, 1971: US3614215 (115 worldwide citation)

A bifocal spectacle having a composite split lens with a fluid compartment therein for receiving a refractive fluid, whereby the lens will have a first focal length when the fluid compartment is filled with the fluid and a second focal length when the compartment is empty. Fluid reservoir means are ...

Shield Richard, Ramsey Thomas H: Miniaturized thin film inductors for use in integrated circuits. Texas Instruments Incorporated, October 19, 1971: US3614554 (114 worldwide citation)

Thin film inductors for use with miniaturized integrated circuits are fabricated by forming a first level of parallel metal strips on a substrate and then forming an insulating layer over the strips. A bar of magnetic material is disposed along the center portions of the metal strips and a layer of ...

Runyan Raymond A, Ott Owen J: Universal demodulation system. Data Control Systems, October 19, 1971: US3614627 (98 worldwide citation)

An FM demodulation system useful to demodulate any carrier signal of any deviation within prescribed ranges with unitary apparatus. A plurality of band pass filters is employed, each filter having a predetermined bandwidth, and selected filters are operatively arranged with a plurality of frequency ...

De Pue Dolen A: Safety guard arrangement for circular saw. October 19, 1971: US3613748 (89 worldwide citation)

A safety guard arrangement for a motor-driven circular saw utilizes a weight biased guard and a solenoid actuated linkage for moving the guard. The weight normally biases the guard into either a guarding position or a storage position and the guard is moved from one position to another by pulsing of ...

Willson James R, Krueger Keith T, Tyler Hugh J, Jackson Wilbur F: Temperature-responsive valve operators. Robertshaw Controls Company, October 19, 1971: US3613732 (85 worldwide citation)

Temperature-responsive valve operators including a control member controlling the position of a valve member and constructed of a material having a temperature-actuated shape memory, the control member having an initial shape and a distorted shape, bias means biasing the valve member into a first po ...

Feldman Jr Karl T: Flat plate heat pipe with structural wicks. Northrop Corporation, October 19, 1971: US3613778 (82 worldwide citation)

A heat pipe having a flat plate construction. One wick of screen wire honeycomb is disclosed, and another wick of porous metal layers having grooves therein for vapor flow, these wicks providing a strengthening function.

Rorden Louis H: Radio frequency standard and voltage controlled oscillator. Develco, October 19, 1971: US3614630 (81 worldwide citation)

A radio signal controlled oscillator is provided as a local frequency standard by synchronizing the oscillator using a phase-lock servosystem comprising a long term integrating device as a voltage variable capacitor in the resonant circuit of the oscillator. The device consists of two columns of mer ...

Podvin Albert, Flynn Michael J: Apparatus and method in a multiple operand stream computing system for identifying the specification of multitasks situations and controlling the execution thereof. International Business Machines, October 19, 1971: US3614745 (80 worldwide citation)

A system is described, useful in a multiple operand stream, or parallel, data processing system, for detecting the specification of independent tasks which can be operated upon in parallel. The specification of the independent parallel operable tasks is given by a fork instruction specifying the num ...

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