Shoh Andrew: Ultrasonic motion adapter for a machine tool. Branson Instruments Incorporated, October 19, 1971: US3614484 (141 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic motion adapter for a machine tool comprises two elongated coaxially disposed members coupled to each other with one of the members being adapted to oscillate as a half wavelength resonator at a predetermined frequency, typically at an ultrasonic frequency of 20 kHz. The adapter is desi ...

Caplan Sandor: Liquid crystal day/night mirror. RCA Corporation, October 19, 1971: US3614210 (125 worldwide citation)

The mirror comprises front and rear substrates sandwiching a liquid crystal material therebetween. The front substrate is transparent and has, on its inner surface, a transparent electrode. The rear substrate has, on its inner surface, a metallic electrode having a specular surface. In use, the mirr ...

Mackta Leo: Fluid bifocal spectacle. October 19, 1971: US3614215 (120 worldwide citation)

A bifocal spectacle having a composite split lens with a fluid compartment therein for receiving a refractive fluid, whereby the lens will have a first focal length when the fluid compartment is filled with the fluid and a second focal length when the compartment is empty. Fluid reservoir means are ...

Shield Richard, Ramsey Thomas H: Miniaturized thin film inductors for use in integrated circuits. Texas Instruments Incorporated, October 19, 1971: US3614554 (118 worldwide citation)

Thin film inductors for use with miniaturized integrated circuits are fabricated by forming a first level of parallel metal strips on a substrate and then forming an insulating layer over the strips. A bar of magnetic material is disposed along the center portions of the metal strips and a layer of ...

Runyan Raymond A, Ott Owen J: Universal demodulation system. Data Control Systems, October 19, 1971: US3614627 (98 worldwide citation)

An FM demodulation system useful to demodulate any carrier signal of any deviation within prescribed ranges with unitary apparatus. A plurality of band pass filters is employed, each filter having a predetermined bandwidth, and selected filters are operatively arranged with a plurality of frequency ...

De Pue Dolen A: Safety guard arrangement for circular saw. October 19, 1971: US3613748 (94 worldwide citation)

A safety guard arrangement for a motor-driven circular saw utilizes a weight biased guard and a solenoid actuated linkage for moving the guard. The weight normally biases the guard into either a guarding position or a storage position and the guard is moved from one position to another by pulsing of ...

Willson James R, Krueger Keith T, Tyler Hugh J, Jackson Wilbur F: Temperature-responsive valve operators. Robertshaw Controls Company, October 19, 1971: US3613732 (90 worldwide citation)

Temperature-responsive valve operators including a control member controlling the position of a valve member and constructed of a material having a temperature-actuated shape memory, the control member having an initial shape and a distorted shape, bias means biasing the valve member into a first po ...

Feldman Jr Karl T: Flat plate heat pipe with structural wicks. Northrop Corporation, October 19, 1971: US3613778 (84 worldwide citation)

A heat pipe having a flat plate construction. One wick of screen wire honeycomb is disclosed, and another wick of porous metal layers having grooves therein for vapor flow, these wicks providing a strengthening function.

Sheridan David S: Trocar catheters. October 19, 1971: US3613684 (83 worldwide citation)

A trocar catheter is formed with a rigid shaftlike stylet and an encircling catheter made of plastic material. The catheter has a molded rigid distal end member with a conical shape, a closed rounded tip fixed to a flexible tube, and at least one fluid opening through the side. The rigid distal end ...

Rorden Louis H: Radio frequency standard and voltage controlled oscillator. Develco, October 19, 1971: US3614630 (81 worldwide citation)

A radio signal controlled oscillator is provided as a local frequency standard by synchronizing the oscillator using a phase-lock servosystem comprising a long term integrating device as a voltage variable capacitor in the resonant circuit of the oscillator. The device consists of two columns of mer ...