Rogers Howard G: Multilayered light polarizer. Polaroid Corporation, October 5, 1971: US3610729 (189 worldwide citation)

This disclosure is directed to a highly efficient linear polarizer which is effective to separate normally incident light thereon into two oppositely polarized components, one of which is transmitted and another component which is reflected.

Harautuneian Andrew: Intravenous catheter apparatus with catheter telescoped inside puncturing cannula. American Hospital Supply Corporation, October 5, 1971: US3610240 (164 worldwide citation)

An intravenous catheter assembly in which a separable gripping hub integrates a rigid cannula within which a flexible catheter is telescopically disposed; the gripping hub including hinged jaws and a circumferential pressure band, one jaw including an abutment shoulder against which the proximate en ...

Rich Jr Edward: Wound infection prevention device. N A, October 5, 1971: US3610238 (148 worldwide citation)

A wound infection prevention device, for the treatment of burns, skin lesions, etc., comprises a cellular-foam plastic pad encased by impervious plastic sheets and to which air under pressure may be fed to an annular space about the periphery of the foam plastic pad. In use the device is removed fro ...

Watson George A: Multiplexing system for selection of notes and voices in an electronic musical instrument. North American Rockwell Corporation, October 5, 1971: US3610799 (127 worldwide citation)

In an electric organ, the actuation of keys in accordance with corresponding, audible tones to be reproduced effects the gating of pulses into time slots of a time division multiplex signal, the time slots of the multiplex signal being structured in accordance with a desired assignment sequence to c ...

Segerson Eugene E: Multiple lead integrated circuit device and frame member for the fabrication thereof. Motorola, October 5, 1971: US3611061 (118 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device, and more specifically an integrated circuit device, is fabricated by mounting on a one-piece metallic frame member one or more integrated circuit structures or semiconductor units. The frame member is provided with a plurality of groups of metallic parts, and each group compr ...

Takahashi Nagashige, Ouchi Teruo: Endoscope. Olympus Optical Company, October 5, 1971: US3610231 (108 worldwide citation)

An endoscope especially adapted to inspect the bronchi of a human body or the like and having a forward end portion and a control housing connected to the forward end portion through an elongated flexible tube. The forward end portion can be flexed by the control from the control housing so that it ...

Wallace Kenneth A: Control circuit for providing regulated current to lamp load. North Electric Company, October 5, 1971: US3611021 (105 worldwide citation)

Control circuit for gaseous discharge lamps including a variable frequency inverter for driving a high-reactance transformer having a first capacitor in the transformer secondary tuned to a harmonic of the supply voltage to provide ignition voltage for the lamps, and a second capacitor in near serie ...

Glover Cecil C: Golf club head with weight adjusting means. October 5, 1971: US3610630 (101 worldwide citation)

A golf club having provision for adjusting the swing weight and balance of the club. The club head includes a cavity adapted to removably receive a module mounting one or more threaded shafts. The shafts are threadedly retained in the module and may be withdrawn therefrom to receive a plurality of t ...

Ellis Jr Benjamin C: Wire connecting blocks. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, October 5, 1971: US3611264 (97 worldwide citation)

This disclosure describes an indexing strip and connecting block scheme for equipment and station interconnections for key telephone systems. The indexing strip is a plastic molding with two narrowly spaced rows of teeth. The insulated line wires are placed across the slots between the teeth. The co ...

Rowell William G: Intrinsically safe circuit. Farmer Electric Products Co, October 5, 1971: US3611053 (93 worldwide citation)

A circuit for use with a sensor located in a hazardous area such as in an atmosphere of explosive gases, organized to prevent electrical power at the sensor from exceeding prescribed levels even upon reasonably foreseeable failures of parts of the circuit. The circuit, which is located in a nonhazar ...