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A program security device and method for a digital computer including a code generating circuit for providing a unique and predetermined output code to the digital computer for periodic comparison with identification information located within the stored program of the computer. If the identificatio ...

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An implantable capsule for delivering a medicament to live animals having a permeable elastomeric wall and containing a mixture of medicament and matrix material which melts between 40.degree. C. and 47.degree. C. The capsule also contains a metal coil capable of being inductively heated by a coil e ...

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An integrated multiple-function communication system for highways, railroads and other applications, the system comprising a wideband coaxial trunk cable with associated amplifier/repeaters for long-distance point-to-point transmission of a plurality of carrier signals combined with inductive-signal ...

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A multiple-compartment laminated package is provided which is suitable for holding in separate compartments different substances which can be mixed together within the package upon breaking the barrier between the separate compartments. This barrier can be broken by the application of external press ...

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An instrument for the biopsy of subcutaneous masses includes an arcuate cannula having a serrated distal cutting end and is provided for alternative insertion, a correspondingly curved pointed stylet and a flexible ejector element. In performing a biopsy, and the skin is punctured and the cannula en ...

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Electrical contact device for Kelvin probing comprising two contact bars separated by an insulator, said bars having self-aligning shaped contact ends for self-aligning upon a protruding electrical contact on the body to be probed.

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The invention is a suspension for motor vehicles and the like which adjustably controls the wheel height of the vehicle relative to the chassis during turns. Sensors convert vehicle turn angle and velocity information into electrical signals for initiating pressure changes in selected expansible spr ...

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A smokable product of oxidized cellulosic material formulated to include combustible carbon in an amount within the range of 2-50 percent by weight of the oxidized cellulosic material for the improvement in the smoking characteristics of the smoking product forward thereof. The combustible carbon pa ...

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An electrical receptacle adapted to be secured in a power outlet box for interconnecting the prongs of a plug receptacle or wall switch to the powerlines leading into the outlet box. The receptacle has a plastic casing including a pair of metallic tubular conductors extending along opposite sidewall ...

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An oral hygiene device comprising a brush having a tubular handle with rows of bristles extending laterally from one end and a discharge nozzle positioned between the outside rows of bristles substantially contacting the adjacent bristle tufts to brace such tufts and provide a clear discharge space ...