Gilbert Richard S: Orthopedic screw driving means. September 14, 1971: US3604487 (304 worldwide citation)

A combination of an orthopedic screw and driving means which enables the screw to be started and driven in a single continuous operation with one hand. The screwhead has multiple slots, and the driving means has multiple pinching blades for engaging the slots to provide a rigid grip of the screw.

Le Roy Pierre L: Hemostatic clip. New Research and Development Laboratories, September 14, 1971: US3604425 (146 worldwide citation)

A hemostatic clip is in the form of a tubular body member having a longitudinal slit extending completely across the body for receiving a wound flap when the body is distended from its original shape. A pair of projections are on the body member joined to the body member along a longitudinal line di ...

Borges Nicomedes: Bone setting device. September 14, 1971: US3604414 (125 worldwide citation)

An osteosynthesis plate of two-piece construction having a toothed rack system to enable sliding movement of the two pieces in a direction to move the plate pieces in a direction to achieve the greatest approximation of a fractured bone to facilitate joining the fracture in the bone. The plates are ...

Shank Jr Herbert C: Method for protecting glassware and the article produced thereby. Anchor Hocking Corporation, September 14, 1971: US3604584 (84 worldwide citation)

A method for protecting glass articles such as jars and drink bottles from abrasion. Broadly the method comprises heat shrinking a thermoplastic material around a portion of the glass article. The portion includes the sidewall-bottom wall region.

Stolzenberg Sidney Joseph: Osmotic fluid reservoir for osmotically activated long-term continuous injector device. Linkenheimer Wayne Henry, American Cyanamid Company, September 14, 1971: US3604417 (80 worldwide citation)

An improved osmotic pressure actuated injection device for long term continuous injection which has a chamber filled with the medicament to be injected and a suitable injection orifice, with a piston or similar device, the other side of he piston being a concentrated solution, such as a saturated so ...

Spiess Dieter: Flexible drinking container or bag. Thimonnier & Cie, September 14, 1971: US3604491 (78 worldwide citation)

A flexible drinking container or bag which comprises a tubular wall member with a top portion converging toward a capped dispensing opening and a bottom portion suitably shaped to support a filled container in an upright standing position.

Matthews Richard A: Composite tubing. Samuel Moore and Company, September 14, 1971: US3604461 (64 worldwide citation)

A composite tubing product for high-pressure fluid transmission having an inner core tube made from a flexible polymeric material, a flexible reinforcement member disposed around the core tube and including a plurality of coplanar layers of fibrous strands disposed helically with respect to the core ...

Tracy Charles W: Balance ball for amusement and exercise. International Enterprises, September 14, 1971: US3604726 (62 worldwide citation)

Apparatus including a platform on a freely rotatable ball utilized for developed muscular coordination and balance as well as for amusement. A dome-shaped housing extends over the ball. Secured to the housing is a circular plate on which the user stands. Between the housing and the ball are antifric ...

Behane David, Spradley Lewis H, Cahill Lysle D, Marshall William M: Method and system for reconstruction of half-tone images. The Mead Corporation, September 14, 1971: US3604846 (60 worldwide citation)

Reproduction of original graphic representations is accomplished by (a) optically scanning an original (b) producing a density scaled digital output (c) processing this information to derive code signals defining relative density of incremental areas as an increment matrix of one or more dots, and ( ...

Savelli Joseph A: Vehicle trailer angular position indicator. September 14, 1971: US3605088 (58 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for assisting the driver of a tow vehicle in moving a trailer vehicle in a reverse or backup direction. The apparatus of this invention particularly relates to a tow vehicle and a trailer vehicle which are pivotally attached one to the other. The apparatus of this invention includes means ...