Watkins Bruce J: Method and apparatus for balancing subsea internal and external well pressures. Regan Forge and Engineering Company, September 7, 1971: US3603409 (136 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for maintaining a pressure balance between internal and external subsea well pressures during underwater drilling, entry and reentry operations conducted from a floating vessel remote from the subsea well comprising injecting gas into the wellhead apparatus in amounts sufficient ...

Kooi Else: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and device manufactured by said method. US Philips Corporation, September 7, 1971: US3602982 (88 worldwide citation)

A method for making an integrated circuit with circuit elements dielectrically isolated is described. The method involves growing an epitaxial layer on a substrate, masking where desired the epitaxial layer surface against oxidation, and sinking a thermal oxide into the epitaxial layer. A support is ...

Johnson George R: Method for producing cushioning dunnage. The Arpax Company, September 7, 1971: US3603216 (81 worldwide citation)

A method of producing resilient cushioning dunnage comprising taking at least one web of sheetlike material, such as paper, of predetermined width, rolling the lateral edges of the web generally inwardly, generally loosely crumpling the web with the rolled edges radially inwardly into a padlike conf ...

Link Howard D: Retractable drill bits. Christensen Diamond Products Company, September 7, 1971: US3603411 (76 worldwide citation)

A carrier supports an upper set of downwardly tapering or wedge-shaped drill bit cutters which overlap and alternate circumferentially with a lower set of upwardly tapering or wedge-shaped cutters, the sets of cutters being in retracted position for movement by the carrier through a tubular drill st ...

Grill Werner K, Link Howard D: Retractable drill bits. Christensen Diamond Products Company, September 7, 1971: US3603413 (76 worldwide citation)

Rotary drill bit cutters lowered on a carrier through a tubular drill string to a drive mandrel or body at the lower end of the string. A device orients or aligns the cutters with slots in the mandrel into which the cutters are expanded and then locked in expanded condition by the carrier, enabling ...

Kelly William E: Raceway terminator. Thomas & Betts Corporation, September 7, 1971: US3603912 (68 worldwide citation)

A raceway terminator for coupling a jacketed flexible metallic raceway to an electrical enclosure comprising a body portion, a gland nut for assembly therewith, a grounding cone and a sealing ring. The sealing ring has tapered leading and trailing edges and an annular shoulder thereabout which coope ...

Kammerer Jr Archer W, Johnson Gary R: Method and apparatus for drilling in casing from the top of a borehole. Baker Oil Tools, September 7, 1971: US3603412 (66 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for drilling in casing at the top of a borehole, such as drilling a borehole commencing at an ocean floor, including inserting a retrievable coupling device in a casing shoe aboveground and expanding the coupling members of the device into shoe slots to secure the coupling devic ...

Thornton William E: Frequency shift telemetry system with both radio and wire transmission paths. Del Mar Engineering Laboratories, September 7, 1971: US3603881 (65 worldwide citation)

A transmission system using a possibly existing wiring system for transmitting RF signals and covering short distances away from the wiring system through VHF transmission. In hospitals, physiological data are transmitted from a sensor VHF transmitter to a fixed VHF receiver RF transmitter coupled t ...

Morris Charles William, Ulyate John Raymond: Method and apparatus for mass emission sampling of motor vehicle exhaust gases. Chromalloy American Corporation, September 7, 1971: US3603155 (61 worldwide citation)

An air blower draws a mixture of exhaust gases emitted from an internal combustion engine and ambient air through a through-flow duct having a valve means therein at a minimum volumetric flow rate for the mixture in excess of the maximum volumetric flow rate the engine is capable of emitting while a ...

Eilhardt Bernd, Ziemek Gerhard Karl: Arrangement for supporting one or several superconductors in the interior of a cryogenic cable. Kabel und Metallwerke Gutehoffnungshutte Aktiengesellschaft, September 7, 1971: US3603715 (54 worldwide citation)

Superconductor string elements are disposed in grooves on a carrier extending in helical twist along the carrier axis, the carrier being disposed and coaxially maintained in a tube passed through by cryogenic liquid.

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