Zaffaroni Alejandro: Bandage for administering drugs. ALZA Corporation, August 10, 1971: US3598123 (766 worldwide citation)

Bandage for use in the continuous administration of drugs by absorption comprising a backing member bearing a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on one surface thereof. Distributed throughout the pressure-sensitive adhesive are microcapsules comprised of a systemically active drug encapsulated with a ...

Zaffaroni Alejandro: Bandage for administering drugs. Alza Corporation, August 10, 1971: US3598122 (355 worldwide citation)

Bandage for use in the continuous administration of systemically active drugs by absorption through the skin or oral mucosa comprising a backing member having on one surface thereof a reservoir containing a systemically active drug. The reservoir has a wall distant from the backing member and permea ...

Barrett Edward L: Actuator assembly for toggle switch. Illinois Tool Works, August 10, 1971: US3598943 (206 worldwide citation)

Actuator assembly for snap action toggle switch has a rockerlike actuator member which is pivoted on a transverse axis. A roller mounted on the actuator member is adapted to be engaged for overcenter movement of the actuator at a point spaced from the pivot axis of the actuator member by a member on ...

Adomaitis Domas, Turner Howard M: Bottom end structure for plastic containers. Continental Can Company, August 10, 1971: US3598270 (114 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to a plastic container, particularly a bottle suitable for carbonated beverages. The bottom end of the container comprises portions conformed to meridian elements of a hemisphere with a downward pole and a plurality of hollow legs terminating in feet in a plane below the pole ...

Altmayer John: Automobile windshield antenna. New Tronics Corporation, August 10, 1971: US3599214 (94 worldwide citation)

A nondirectional automobile receiver antenna which may be utilized on either the low frequency broadcast band or the very high frequency, frequency-modulated (FM) band, and which is adapted to be adhesively attached to or embedded within the windshield of an automobile.

Jamshidi Khosrow, Swaim William R, Windschitl Harold E: Biopsy technique and biopsy device. August 10, 1971: US3598108 (93 worldwide citation)

A biopsy needle device and method of using the same includes an elongate needle having a tapered distal end portion which terminates in a distal cutting edge. An elongate sleeve member is inserted into the needle and corresponds in shape and length to the needle. An elongate stylet is positioned int ...

Harr Jerome Danforth: Character recognition photosensing apparatus having a threshold comparator circuit. International Business Machines Corporation, August 10, 1971: US3599151 (85 worldwide citation)

The recognition of human and machine readable characters of a family of type of which each character has one or more narrow line segments on a contrasting background and is enhanced by a positive and negative peaked level photosensing arrangement. The sensing apparatus comprises an optoelectronic ci ...

Wepsic James G: Catheter having antibacterial substance therein provided with means permitting slow release of said substance. August 10, 1971: US3598127 (75 worldwide citation)

A catheter has an inner tube of nonpermeable rubber formed with V-shaped grooves extending along its length on the outside carrying antibacterial agents permeable through polysiloxane rubber that surrounds the V-shaped grooves. The antibacterial agents are permeable through the polysiloxane rubber. ...

Frenzl Otto: Appliance for practicing aquatic sports. August 10, 1971: US3598402 (73 worldwide citation)

An appliance for the practicing within a reduced area of aquatic sports such as surf-riding and water-skiing, said appliance including a vat the bottom of which is sloping and has a longitudinal section which shows a concavity facing upwards while a stream of water is caused to flow upslope over sai ...

Pilaar Jan Carel: Erosion control. August 10, 1971: US3597928 (66 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an erosion-controlling protective surfacing for the soil comprising flexible liquid-permeable supporting sheet means conforming to the contour of the soil and a mat of blocks on said supporting sheet means, said mat having drainage passageways therethrough so that water can ...

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