Miller Jr Park H: Temperature measuring apparatus. Gulf Oil Corporation, July 27, 1971: US3595082 (236 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for measuring temperature under difficult environmental conditions, in which the temperature of a fluid between two reflective means is determined acoustically by recording the received reflections and determining their spacing by pulse compression techniques.

Sweet Richard G: Fluid droplet recorder. July 27, 1971: US3596275 (214 worldwide citation)

A direct writing signal recording system which writes on a record medium by projecting a stream of writing fluid in the form of a succession of uniformly spaced droplets. The droplets are charged electrostatically in accordance with instantaneous signal values and then deflected electrostatically in ...

Reed Jr Frank W, Ryan William J: Fluid actuated contactor. International Business Machines Corporation, July 27, 1971: US3596228 (192 worldwide citation)

A constant impedance or impedance matched fluid actuated contactor for electrical components, especially integrated circuit semiconductor chips, is provided. The contactor has a flexible dielectric membrane, on one side of which is a resilient, electrically conductive ground plane. On the other side ...

Petersen Roy A: Catheter with electrical cutting means. July 27, 1971: US3595239 (152 worldwide citation)

A catheter with a flexible catheter tube having an eyelet or ring at the distal end thereof. An obturator in the form of an electrode is removably disposed within the catheter tube and has a tip thereof projecting out of the catheter tube. The ring of the catheter tube limits the extent of the proje ...

Erb George H: Apparatus for molding plastic shapes in molding recesses formed in moving endless wire dies. American Velcro, July 27, 1971: US3594865 (134 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for continuously forming a flexible web with molded pilelike protuberances of plastic material integral with plastic material incorporated in the base web. Protuberances may have almost any shape but as disclosed they are in the form of hooks, whereby the product is useful as the hook part ...

De Bell Lawrence R, Price Jr David D: Tutoring devices. The Economy Company, July 27, 1971: US3594919 (133 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for dissemination of programmed information for purposes of tutoring and the like. The apparatus comprising a plural channel record and playback device, each channel being connected to supply input to an audio and a control tone processing channel, respectively; the audio information being ...

Erb George H: Apparatus for molding plastic shapes in molding recesses formed in a moving endless belt. American Velcro, July 27, 1971: US3594863 (97 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for continuously forming extruded strips of plastic material with molded pilelike protuberances integral therewith. Protuberances may have almost any desired shape but as disclosed are in the form of hooks and loops which may be used as the hook and loop parts of flexible fasteners such as ...

Castaldi John: Random access store for cards, file folders, and the like. Supreme Equipment & Systems Corporation, July 27, 1971: US3595388 (96 worldwide citation)

A random access store for cards, file folders and the like, in which the folders are stacked face to face. The folders are optically edge-coated and sensed simultaneously by a plurality of moving carriages, driven by a single cable, which continuously compares the sensed code to the command code and ...

Hohorst Wolfgang: Electrical connector. WAGO Kontakttechnik, July 27, 1971: US3596229 (87 worldwide citation)

A screwless connecting terminal for electric leads comprising at least one bent clamping spring defining an aperture at one end, a terminal housing in which said clamping spring is located, and a contact plate associated with said clamping spring, characterized by the feature that said clamping spri ...

Blackett John Harold: Endoscopic having illumination supply unit. Matburn, July 27, 1971: US3595221 (85 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to endoscopic instruments. The instrument is supplied through a circuit including a stepdown output transformer. A secondary winding of the transformer is connected with a light source of the endoscope. A push-pull oscillator circuit is connected with the primary winding of th ...