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A surgical instrument is provided for suturing hollow organs in infants and comprises an oblong tubular body with an open tapered front end with staple slots spaced around the periphery thereof and an oblong hollow rod passes inside the body and is capable of axial movement therealong. A cylindrical ...

Prats Michael: Method for producing shale oil from an oil shale formation. Shell Oil Company, July 20, 1971: US3593789 (167 worldwide citation)

A method for producing shale oil from a subterranean oil shale formation by controlled in situ combustion by exploding a relatively high energy device within an oil shale formation thereby forming a fragmented vertically extensive zone of rubble having a substantially void space at the top thereof. ...

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A cardiac pacer is described which uses a physiological function such as breathing rate, to vary the production of electronic pulses which are fed to a constant current source connected to the ventricle. A constant source compensates for the fibrotic growths that often occur around the electrodes im ...

Wingrove Robert C: Hearing aid with piezoelectric ceramic element. Medtronic, July 20, 1971: US3594514 (107 worldwide citation)

Implantable hearing aid apparatus having a piezoelectric ceramic element mounted adjacent to the auditory conductive system of the middle ear for imparting vibration thereto. The piezoelectric element being electrically connected to electrical circuitry for providing electrical signals representativ ...

Herce John A: Method for producing shale oil from an oil shale formation. Shell Oil Company, July 20, 1971: US3593790 (106 worldwide citation)

A method for producing shale oil from a permeable zone formed within a subterranean oil shale formation by circulating through a well borehole in contact with said permeable zone a fluid containing at least one phenolic compound.

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A retractable bed having a first frame supported off the floor by a high-low mechanism and a second frame slidably mounted on the first frame. A mattress frame, having a head section, seat section, and leg section which includes thigh and foot sections, is supported on the second frame with the seat ...

Bogoff Stanley A, Rothenberg Sheldon: Catheter combination. July 20, 1971: US3593713 (94 worldwide citation)

The improved catheter has a tubular body or stem that is apertured at its forward end or tip and is surrounded by an encircling jacket for a substantial portion of its length. A fluid feed tube leads into the jacket for the supply of a fluid thereinto, the jacket having a foraminous area, controllab ...

Swank Roy Laver: Blood treating and filtering apparatus. July 20, 1971: US3593854 (91 worldwide citation)

Stored human blood is treated preliminary to blood transfusions by passing it through a mat of glass wool or other fibrous material which removes from the blood the storage-generated platelet leukocyte aggregates present therein. It is filtered during open heart surgery by passing it through the sam ...

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A prosthetic joint made of a fabric-reinforced unitary elastomeric member providing two tapering stems connected to opposite ends of a central portion having thick ends and a thin web and arranged to provide relative movement of one stem to the other in at least one direction while preventing moveme ...

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A compact thin profile cabin attendant seat folding automatically when occupant arises. An extensible headrest, tilting backrest and forwardly moving seat bottom frame are interlinked for simultaneous movement.