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A method and apparatus for high-temperature incineration of refuse containing a random mixture of inert and combustible materials. The apparatus includes a combustion chamber having a tank at its base containing a high-temperature molten slag bath. The refuse, which may be initially subjected to dry ...

Berger Harvey L: Heat exchanger with inner guide strip. Espey Mfg & Electronics Corporation, July 13, 1971: US3592260 (47 worldwide citation)

In a rectangular heat exchanger for electronic equipment wherein part of said equipment is placed on one end wall of the heat exchanger while air is brought into the heat exchanger by fan means located towards the other end wall and said air is channeled in the heat exchanger by a plurality of guide ...

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A container and a plastic closure therefor which provides an essentially leakproof seal. The container has an opening surrounded by a continuous sidewall defining a cylindrical neck opening at its outer end. The cylindrical opening defined by the sidewall is provided with an annular band of increase ...

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Multipliers produce a signal having a magnitude proportional to the sum of the squares of the rotary flux vectors and the induced three phase voltage vector of an asynchronous three phase machine by first producing signals having instantaneous magnitudes proportional to flux components of voltages i ...

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An automatic infusion brew maker comprising a pair of reservoirs and a pair of heat pumps connected thereto. The two heat pumps are driven by a common electrical heating means. Water from the first reservoir is pumped into a removable steeping basket, passes through a filter and exits through an out ...

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An electrical wiring distribution system including a metal raceway section having at least two parallel cells and an intermediate trough. Improved capping means is provided for enclosing the intermediate trough to provide an additional unobstructed electrical passageway. The present improvement incr ...

Vartanian Edwin S, Jarvis Jay P: Gas system for autoloading firearm. Olin Corporation, July 13, 1971: US3592101 (46 worldwide citation)

A gas system for an autoloading firearm wherein the gas piston is operative to seal the gas cylinder against high-pressure combustion gases during early stages of recoil of the firearm after firing thereof. As the force of recoil decreases, the seal is broken and lower pressure gases are bled into t ...

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A travel tie hanger constructed in a manner to provide a convenient and accessible means of storage for not only neckties, but also cuff links, tie tacks, belts, tie clasps and other men's clothing accessories.

Rickard Harry E: Helmet. Sparin Luzette O, July 13, 1971: US3591863 (45 worldwide citation)

The combination of a safety helmet engageable over a wearer's head, a chinstrap fixed to the helmet and engageable with the wearer's chin to maintain the helmet engaged over the wearer's head, an elongate, vertically extending neck pad engageable with the back of the wearer's neck and shaped to conf ...

Jones Frances F: Toiletry article. July 13, 1971: US3592202 (44 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a fingernail polish kit or toiletry article having a rigid, central, handle-forming body or sleeve or appropriate length to contain within the same lint cotton, gauze, or other appropriate preferably absorbent substance used in manicuring. In each end of the sleeve is fricti ...