Pall David B, Keedwell Cyril A: Filter having a microporous layer attached thereto. Pall Corporation, July 6, 1971: US3591010 (118 worldwide citation)

A corrugated filter element having a microporous layer deposited on a substrate sheet provided with portions of reduced porosity at the areas of the base folds of the corrugations.

Roszyk Leon M: Oral hygiene appliance. Sunbeam Corporation, July 6, 1971: US3590813 (106 worldwide citation)

An oral hygiene appliance comprising a housing having a hollow base member which supports a liquid reservoir container and a storage and display compartment for the jet nozzles and jet nozzle handle. A liquid pump assembly of the reciprocating piston type is mounted in the base member such that a sp ...

Schussler Ludwig: Means for controlling the movements of a manipulator. Schloemann Aktiengeselleschaft, July 6, 1971: US3590616 (91 worldwide citation)

Means for controlling the movements of a forging manipulator, comprising: a a tongs-holder or peel assembly and tongs so mounted on a manipulator carriage as to be axially movable and rotatable thereon, a hydromotor for driving the carriage, a piston-and-cylinder unit for driving the tongs-holder an ...

Evans Arthur D: Micro-electronic circuit with novel hermetic sealing structure and method of manufacture. Siliconix, July 6, 1971: US3591839 (89 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device wherein a semiconductor chip having an active element formed in a limited area is bonded to an insulating substrate with the chip spaced apart form the substrate and the active area hermetically sealed within the region defined by the insulating substrate, the body of the chip ...

Muller Wolf F: Biopsy tool. United States Catheter & Instrument Corporation, July 6, 1971: US3590808 (89 worldwide citation)

A biopsy tool that includes a rigid tip affixed to the distal end of a flexible intestinal intubation tube and is provided with a body portion having a longitudinal duct for the passage of an exchange guide and a radial cavity connected through the lumen of the tube to a vacuum source to draw a tiss ...

Persson Per Anders: Fuse. Nitro Nobel, July 6, 1971: US3590739 (79 worldwide citation)

A fuse apparatus including an elongated hollow tube with a reactive substance coating the inner periphery and adapted to support a gaseous percussion wave throughout the length of the tube.

Hollar Bartley Douglass: Display and shipping containers. Gould National Batteries, July 6, 1971: US3590988 (76 worldwide citation)

A display and shipping container having a transparent housing that forms locking engagement with a base member having an inner product engaging ring for holding the product securely within the container.

Pasternak Raphael A, Schimscheimer Jan F: Instrument for determining permeation rates through a membrane. Stanford Research Institute, July 6, 1971: US3590634 (73 worldwide citation)

An instrument for determining permeation rates through a membrane having a permeation cell with upstream and downstream compartments arranged to hold a membrane therebetween, a line for continuously passing a gaseous permeant to the upstream cell compartment and from thence to the atmosphere, a line ...

Kolias John T: Circuit board connecting means. International Business Machines Corporation, July 6, 1971: US3591834 (68 worldwide citation)

Printed circuit boards having perimeter edge connectors on either side of the boards are interconnected to each other by means of a removable connector comprised of top and bottom members to establish connections respectively to the top and bottom surfaces of said boards, the top member further havi ...

Locke Joseph K: Portable l. p. gas space heater. Bernzomatic Corporation, July 6, 1971: US3590806 (59 worldwide citation)

An attractive lightweight portable L. P. gas space heater comprises a boxlike rectangular housing having space for two disposable L. P. gas cartridges. A circular catalytic heating element is mounted on the front of the heater. The catalytic unit is a porous pad which allows the gas to seep through ...