Wood Ernest C: Surgical skin clip. Samuels Peter B, LeVaux Rene G, June 22, 1971: US3586002 (152 worldwide citation)

A skin clip in the form of a metal which retains the shape to which it is deformed comprising a pair of elongate arms in laterally spaced apart parallel relation with skin engaging members extending inwardly from the inner edges of each arm and a support connected to the arms and extending crosswise ...

McLeroy Robert P: Visual tuning electronic drive circuitry for ultrasonic dental tools. C & B Corporation, June 22, 1971: US3586936 (122 worldwide citation)

Solid state electronic circuitry for driving the magnetostrictive transducer of ultrasonic dental tools is described, wherein tuning to resonance is controlled by circuit adjustment to maximum brightness of a tuning indicator lamp. Variation of brightness of the lamp as a function of tuning accuracy ...

Brorein William J, Polizzano Fred F: Quick connection coaxial cable connector. General Cable Corporation, June 22, 1971: US3587033 (120 worldwide citation)

A quick connection connector for a coaxial cable consists of a body having a cylindrical portion with a well therein in which a squared off end of the cable is received against a stop in the well. With cable end thus received in the well, the outer conductor or sheath of the cable is in electrical c ...

Morchand Charles A: Reconstructable television transmission system. Data Plex Systems, June 22, 1971: US3586767 (97 worldwide citation)

A television system includes a central television transmitter, a relay station, a plurality of general information receivers and a plurality of special receivers. The central transmitter transmits at least fields of general user information interplexed with fields of special user information to the ...

Hamburger Gerhart Lothar, Osborne Joseph James: Subscription television and the like systems. Sangamo Weston, June 22, 1971: US3586771 (95 worldwide citation)

A subscription television or radio signal distribution system in which program signals are supplied over a wire conductor network from a master station to a plurality of subscribers along with periodic price signals for controlling the monetary charge to be levied for any particular program and in w ...

Reynolds Gordon S, Pannier Jr Karl A: Arterial catheter placement unit and method of use. Levoy s Corporation, June 22, 1971: US3585996 (89 worldwide citation)

A catheter placement unit for positioning a catheter in a body lumen, such as an artery or vein, for purposes of parenteral infusion, or pressure monitoring, oximetery, or other diagnostic purposes, and a method of utilizing such catheter placement unit. The unit or assembly includes a hollow needle ...

Mazza Lamberto: Dish washer. Industrie A Zanussi, June 22, 1971: US3586011 (80 worldwide citation)

The washing chamber of a dishwashing machine is divided in two zones, one for dishes, glasses and the like, the other for metallic saucepans and the like; the jets of solution in both zones are fed from the same source, and the jets in the first zone are closed automatically when the temperature of ...

Knowles Robert F: Rf connector. Litton Precision Products, June 22, 1971: US3587029 (78 worldwide citation)

An RF connector for printed circuit boards, strip line cards, printed circuit cables and the like, particularly for micro-system packaging. The connector is adapted to be mounted on a baseboard or strip line card provided with a ground plane. A copper shield is mounted on the body of the connector w ...

Kverneland Odd: Combined rowing apparatus and exercising apparatus. Johannes Ostensjo & Co, June 22, 1971: US3586322 (74 worldwide citation)

Rowing apparatus having a substantially rectangular frame for alternative support on a horizontal surface and a vertical surface. The frame has parallel side members and a seat carriage with means for sliding movement on the side members. A first tension spring means is provided with means removably ...

Hayford Donald E, Horger Georg: Disposable diaper with rupturable capsules. The National Cash Register Company, June 22, 1971: US3585998 (71 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to disposable baby diapers and baby diaper liners, viz., disposable baby diaper components containing encapsulated baby oil.