Oram John A: Flexible columns. June 15, 1971: US3584822 (156 worldwide citation)

A flexible column suitable for supporting apparatus such as electric lamps has a series of ball-and-socket joints rigidly locked together by a tensioned cable, spring means being provided at the free end of the column to tension the cable, together with unlocking mechanism including a lever whereby ...

Reiland Bernard F: Coupling arrangement and tools for same. Textron, June 15, 1971: US3584667 (146 worldwide citation)

A torque-transmitting or coupling arrangement and tools for same consists of a body portion having a first series of similar arcuately curved surfaces with their centers of curvature located at the corners of a regular hexagon and which surfaces are disposed outwardly of such centers with respect to ...

Hodson Theodore L, Cartmell James V, Churchill Donald, Jones Joe W: Encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystal display device. The National Cash Register Company, June 15, 1971: US3585381 (92 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure is directed to articles of manufacture, e.g., display devices, having an encapsulated liquid-crystal member of enhanced color purity, color contrast and visual resolution due to an overlying essentially transparent top layer having a substantially smooth exterior surface. This ...

Bratkovich Nick F, Meginnis George B: Laminated porous metal. General Motors Corporation, June 15, 1971: US3584972 (82 worldwide citation)

A sheet material of a controlled porous characteristic made up of two or more metal laminae bonded together, the laminae being photo etched or otherwise machined to define pores through the laminae and also passages between the abutting faces of the laminae. The passages may be spaces between bosses ...

Horton Jerry L: Radiographic chair rotatable about two mutually perpendicular axes. June 15, 1971: US3585386 (72 worldwide citation)

The apparatus disclosed includes a patient-supporting chair that is mounted on a shaft for rotation with the shaft as the shaft rotates around its longitudinal axis. The chair can be rotated around a second axis that is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the shaft. This allows the chair to be ...

Day III Arthur R: Solid state motor overload protection system. Borg Warner Corporation, June 15, 1971: US3585451 (68 worldwide citation)

A solid state overload protection system for protecting a polyphase electric motor which drives a reciprocating- or positive-displacement type compressor of the type having mechanical load reducing means is disclosed. The system samples the peak current drawn by each phase of the electric motor and ...

Hitt Donald C, Woessner Robert J: Universal system service adapter. International Business Machines Corporation, June 15, 1971: US3585599 (67 worldwide citation)

A universal adapter provides a standard interface to external equipment for testing and generally communicating with a data processing system. Linking main control elements of the system with diverse external test equipment, through a bit-serial binary communication terminal, the adapter provides a ...

Vyse Gerrard N: Quick-connect safety coupling. Anchor Coupling Co, June 15, 1971: US3584902 (65 worldwide citation)

A quick-connect safety coupling is provided which is intended to be used as a means of connecting hose assemblies and tubing in fluid (liquid and/or gas) systems without the use of screw threads or other complex components, said coupling being characterized by a safety feature which permits the coup ...

Hall Charles P: Liquid support for human bodies. Innerspace Environments, June 15, 1971: US3585356 (64 worldwide citation)

An article of furniture comprising a flexible bladder which is substantially filled with a liquid. A supporting framework is provided for holding the liquid filled bladder in such manner that a body resting upon the bladder is floatably supported by the liquid. Heating means is provided for maintain ...

Bird Forrest Morton, Pohndorf Henry Louis: Respiratory apparatus. June 15, 1971: US3584621 (62 worldwide citation)

Respiratory apparatus having a patient adapter in the form of a mouthpiece and a servocontrol valve assembly and exhaust valve assembly mounted on the mouthpiece and carried by the mouthpiece for controlling the inhalation phase and the exhalation phase of the respiratory apparatus.