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Improved linear accelerator apparatus for directing ionizing radiation on an object is realized by utilization of a horizontal axis of rotation about which the linear accelerator axis rotates while the accelerator axis maintains a horizontal spatial orientation at different circumferential points of ...

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A knee brace is disclosed which closely simulates the rocking-hinge joint motion and sliding motion of a knee. The knee brace is comprised of an upper rigid body portion and a lower rigid body portion pivotably coupled together on the lateral side in a manner so that they may pivot relative to each ...

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Table saw blade opening closure plate means providing means for levelling adjustment from above the work table by the operator standing in operating position.

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A turnable wave signal receiver uses an acoustic filter system for interstage coupling and for obtaining a particular frequency response. For a television receiver, the acoustic system is included in the IF channel and imposes a desired IF characteristic with traps or null points at selected frequen ...

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An essentially two-dimensional electric-wave filter is formed by depositing a film of piezoelectric material upon a substrate and by applying input and output electrode pairs to different portions of the film. Each electrode pair together with the film and substrate form a composite resonator. The t ...

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A temperature indicating and warning system utilizing thermocouple heat sensors connected through cabling to individual amplifying and readout facilities at a remote location and equipped with means for compensating for changes in the ambient temperature at the cold junction reference for the severa ...

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Electrical heaters having an outer metal sheath within which is a resistance element, conductors being in electrical contact with said element and projecting outwardly of said sheath for connection to a power source; said resistance element being surrounded by electrically insulating, heat-conductiv ...

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An instrument sensor member has positioning means to establish a fixed relationship between the member and a small selected area of a living organism. Thermal radiation flux from the area impinges on a concave surface on the member and is reflected to a radiometer fixed at the focus of the surface. ...

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A surgical clamp for closing off blood vessels and the like, in the form of a small self-locking clip, and an applicator in which a series of such clips can be fed into position between a pair of jaws adapted to close and lock the clip around a blood vessel or the like, in constricting relation ther ...

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A system comprising a central station having data processing apparatus with a common data buss arrangement interconnecting a data processor with its peripheral devices including a number of incoming data buffers. A plurality of remote desk top scanner units are connected to the central station, each ...