Nymeyer Frederick: Auction market computation system. May 25, 1971: US3581072 (681 worldwide citation)

A special purpose digital computer matches orders and establishes market prices in an auction market for fungible goods. Priced orders to buy are arranged in descending order by price and priced orders to sell are arranged in ascending order by price within each price range, all orders are arranged ...

Tibbals Howard C: Wood parquet block flooring unit. May 25, 1971: US3579941 (281 worldwide citation)

Wooden parquet block flooring incorporating cellular foam in multiple parquet block units having rubberlike flexible adhesive joining tongue and groove formations within the multiple block unit.

Stevens Irving J, Alexander Jerry: Bone implant. May 25, 1971: US3579831 (256 worldwide citation)

A bone implant such as a dental implant to be received in a jaw bone. The bone implant includes a screw which has a pair of opposed end regions, one of which is threaded for the purpose of screwing into bone and the other of which is provided with a means for fastening any other desired structure to ...

Aston Keith: Electronic thermostat. The Pavelle Corporation, May 25, 1971: US3581062 (252 worldwide citation)

A compact, unitary electronic thermostat is formed by encapsulating a temperature sensing element and a solid-state control circuit in a potting compound having good heat transfer characteristics. The unitary thermostat, which includes a solid-state electronic switch having conductive and nonconduct ...

Priaroggia Paolo Gazzana: Electric cable. Pirelli Societa per Azioni, May 25, 1971: US3580987 (241 worldwide citation)

Electric cable and process for its manufacture are disclosed. The electric cable has its electric conductor covered with extruded insulation comprising numerous layers of insulating material, the number of such layers being more than two and preferably ranging between 5 and 100, and the thickness of ...

McKnight Charles Allen: Surgical instrument. May 25, 1971: US3580313 (150 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument including particularly a stapling-type instrument for attaching or anchoring fleshy parts of the body to adjacent bone structure including means to facilitate such attachments in areas of the body that are relatively inaccessible and difficult to operate in.

Blevins William V: Method for leak testing masks. THE United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Army, May 25, 1971: US3580051 (138 worldwide citation)

A method for leak testing masks by hermetically sealing a flowmeter at the outh area of the mask undergoing test and monitoring leakage due to external pressure during mask wearer's breathing function.

Kast Howard Berdolt: Method of forming interference fits by heat treatment. General Electric Company, May 25, 1971: US3579805 (132 worldwide citation)

An interference fit can be provided between metal components where at least one of the components is formed of a precipitation-hardenable metal alloy which undergoes a substantially permanent dimensional change in addition to a reversible dimensional change upon heat treatment at elevated temperatur ...

Leith Emmett N, Upatnieks Juris: Wavefront reconstruction. The Battelle Development Corporation, May 25, 1971: US3580655 (123 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to methods and apparatus for capturing various patterns of electromagnetic energy emanating from or as they are transformed after passing through an object and reproducing or reconstructing those patterns in their original configuration to produce images identical in appea ...

Wilkinson Jack E, Tahan Victor G: Pre-tied suture and method of suturing. May 25, 1971: US3580256 (111 worldwide citation)

A surgical suture or the like including a pair of butterfly-loops secured in superimposed registering relation by a casing through which the loops are visible, and a pair of tails extending from the loops. A suturing method wherein one of the tails is used as a suture which pierces the tissue to be ...