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A method of producing shale oil from a subterranean oil shale formation by exploding a relatively high energy explosive device therein thereby forming a chimney of rubble within the formation having fractures extending from the chimney into the formation. A plurality of spaced wells are extended int ...

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Boundary layer control for delay or prevention of flow separation and/or increase in rate of heat exchange between a surface and a fluid by an arrangement of surface elements which may take the form of either crests or discreet concave depressions in the surface, having effective depths or dimension ...

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A source of sonic vibrational energy is tightly coupled to the walls of an oil well casing, this energy source being adapted to vibrationally distort the casing in an elliptical pattern. The casing is sonically energized in this manner, the sonic energy being transferred to the surrounding oil beari ...

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A dental chair is equipped with a cushion roll between the backrest and the seat rest to provide a continuous supporting surface extending from the backrest to as far as the bottom of the leg rest. Single or dual controls are provided on the backrest, preferably along the opposite side edges of the ...

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A forceps or like instrument having a covering shield attached to each member or leg at its pivoted end so as to cover any opening between engaging surfaces or projection at or about where each member or leg pivots, so that thread or the like employed with the forceps will be prevented from dropping ...

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A technique for joining pipelines underwater comprising joint preparation and completion apparatus that is either remotely operated or automatically sequenced. The apparatus is adapted to be used with three alternate embodiments of joining means: (1) a mechanical connection, (2) thermit welding, or ...

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A disposable product such as a diaper characterized by having a generally trapezoidal configuration and made up of outer sheets confining a generally rectangular fluff pad, the product sheets being united to confine the pad and perforated along generally straight lines to define detachable products.

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A bread dispenser comprises a container adapted to retain a stack of sliced bread therein. Spring means are disposed at one end of the container to urge the bread towards a dispensing means mounted at the other end thereof. The dispensing means comprises a guillotinelike plunger reciprocally mounted ...

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A subdermal tendon implant for use in repairing and reconstructing tendons which is compatible with the human cellular structure and includes the process of making the implant. The subdermal implant is resistant to degeneration and substantially eliminates adhesions allowing full range of motion aft ...

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An instant vacuum fluid extraction device in the form of a vial sealed at one end by a valve and having an axially movable piston member therein shiftable from extended to retracted positions for generating a vacuum within the sealed container during movement to retracted position and means for latc ...