Mogor Ernest: Sanitary napkin. Personal Products Company, April 20, 1971: US3575174 (116 worldwide citation)

A sanitary napkin which is formed in either a curved or flat configuration, tapered toward its rearward end, and is maintained in its shaped configuration by deep embossed channels impressed through the cover and into the core of the napkin to compression bond the two components together. The deep e ...

Safianoff Albert: Portable dispenser for polymer foams. The Upjohn Company, April 20, 1971: US3575319 (75 worldwide citation)

A portable dispenser for polymer foam reaction mixtures is provided. The dispenser comprises a supporting frame with handle. Mounted on the supporting frame are two or more aerosol containers in which are stored, under pressure, the various components which, when brought together, give rise to the p ...

Clark James L: Breather assembly for a sealed container. Plastronics, April 20, 1971: US3575170 (74 worldwide citation)

A breather assembly for a sealed container such as a bedside drainage bag comprising a breather element of woven fiberglass fabric material with a teflon coating adapted to permit free passage of gas therethrough and to resist passage of liquid therethrough. The breather element also acts to filter ...

Fox Leonard J, Kueser Paul E: Pump structure with conical shaped inlet portion. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, April 20, 1971: US3575525 (68 worldwide citation)

A pump, particularly suitable for pumping liquid molten metals, comprising an elongated, tapered or cone-shaped rotor disposed coaxially in a housing structure having an inner space with a similar shape, and having inlet and outlet ends, the radii of the rotor and/or the inner space of the housing i ...

Cordary Bruce J, Arnerich Paul J: Apparatus for expanding holes. The Servco Company, April 20, 1971: US3575245 (63 worldwide citation)

A hole expander for use in conjunction with well bore drill strings which has a tool body defining a cylinder, an axially movable piston disposed in the cylinder, and a skirt portion secured to the piston. A plurality of radially arranged arms have one end secured to the tool body and another end ad ...

Dykes Darwin H: Self-propelled electric vehicle and battery mount. Battery Power Unit Co, April 20, 1971: US3575250 (55 worldwide citation)

A self-propelled electric vehicle includes a wheeled frame having a quick connect and disconnect hitch for drivingly connecting the vehicle to a variety of wheeled devices. An individual drive for each of a pair of ground-contacting wheels includes a separate, reversible motor and a power transmissi ...

Barbulesco Daniel J: Self-cleaning dishwasher strainer. General Motors Corporation, April 20, 1971: US3575185 (54 worldwide citation)

In preferred form, a domestic dishwasher including an improved self-cleaning strainer which removes food particles from washing fluid during its recirculation in a wash phase of operation. It includes an annular screen supported by a fluid distributing rotatable spray bar for rotation therewith and ...

Thomas Eugene P, Jones William E M, Miller Bernard: Vertically adjustable counterbalancing x-ray tube head suspension support apparatus. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, April 20, 1971: US3575368 (53 worldwide citation)

Described is a vertically adjustable counterbalancing suspension support apparatus embodied in a floor mounted mobile X-ray tube column. The exemplified load, an X-ray tube head, is mounted on a vertical carriage movable along a mobile-based column containing an elongated circumferentially-encased h ...

Beam Jr Paul E, Spears Jr Esten W: Turbine rotor cooling. General Motors Corporation, April 20, 1971: US3575528 (53 worldwide citation)

Flow of cooling air through the rotor of a gas turbine is varied by a valve mounted in the rotor including a bimetal ring which warps as a function of temperature to vary an annular valve opening. Centrifugal force also may affect the valve to a desired extent.

Gaarder Kenneth R: Physiological monitors and method of using the same in treatment of disease. April 20, 1971: US3575162 (50 worldwide citation)

Psychotherapeutic treatment of a subject is facilitated by providing the subject with meaningful feedback information derived with the aid of a self-monitoring machine which measures a physiological or psychophysiological variable not ordinarily sensed by the subject. Depending on the nature of the ...