Lemole Gerald M: Suture apparatus and methods. March 16, 1971: US3570497 (263 worldwide citation)

The invention is a suture with needle end, cord of latch notches, and latch collar end. The latch collar has a latch passage therethrough. The needle followed by latch notches is pulled through the tissue and the needle followed by a selective number of latch notches is continued on through the coll ...

Kinner Hans Dieter: Laminar stream cross-flow fluid diffusion logic gate. The Foxboro Company, March 16, 1971: US3570515 (127 worldwide citation)

A fluid logic gate wherein two laminar streams are intersected in a diffusion area, with a control jet applicable to each of the laminar streams upstream of the intersection, with an output from the diffusion area in alignment with each of the streams, on the logic basis of zero output when the cont ...

Steer Peter Leslie, Venn Paul Hex: Intravenous valve assembly. Eschmann Bros & Walsh, March 16, 1971: US3570484 (100 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to devices for administering intravenous injections of liquids such as drugs, anesthetics or transfusion liquids. The device includes a valve body having a holder for an injection needle. The holder has an outlet passage which communicates with the needle. A nonreturn valve is ...

Johnson Glenn D: Constant strain jar. March 16, 1971: US3570598 (86 worldwide citation)

A jar for removing a fish from a well, in which a piston is moved in a chamber and then released to allow the hydrostatic pressure of fluid in the well to move the piston against an anvil.Such a jar in which the piston is repeatedly shifted in response to rotation of the running in string of pipe.

Weinstein Mandel: Surgical retractor. March 16, 1971: US3570475 (79 worldwide citation)

A surgical retractor particularly suited for use in surgical procedures involving the lower pelvic region is constructed of a resilient partially deformable strip of material having rounded edges. The retractor is adapted to be flexed and inserted horizontally into a surgical wound whereby the resil ...

Sneider Vincent R: Disposable sanitary pad. March 16, 1971: US3570491 (70 worldwide citation)

A disposable sanitary pad in which a high absorbency fill member is retained and protected by a thin absorbent cover, both being attached to a thin flexible plastic back member having a thickness of one thousandth to two thousandths of an inch. This plastic back member, on its opposite side, is prov ...

Sturman Oded E, Sciortino Salvatore A, Kassir Abdul R: Electromechanical control valve. Bell Aerospace Corporation, March 16, 1971: US3570807 (59 worldwide citation)

An electromechanical control valve in which a poppet is magnetically biased against a valve seat and is mechanically unseated upon decrease of the magnetic moment. A suspension plate carries the poppet on one side thereof and an armature on the other side to constitute an integrated assembly. A perm ...

Emoto Shigeru, Yamamoto Hiroshi: Elastic surgical bandage. Fujiboseki Kabushiki Kaisha, March 16, 1971: US3570482 (59 worldwide citation)

Elastic surgical bandage consisting of chain stitches each formed of nonelastic yarn running reciprocatively across adjoining loops in the chain stitches or across the loops of more than one wale ahead, and polyurethane yarn knitted along the wale, through a portion or all parts of the successive lo ...

Trewella Robert J: Tear-open package. Wyomissing Corporation, March 16, 1971: US3570751 (51 worldwide citation)

A package formed by a sheet of flexible packaging material having a tear-open seam extending across a face or along an edge thereof. The tear-open seam is characterized by a flap formed by an edge of the package sheet and a tearable insert strip which secures the flap to the adjacent sheet edges.The ...

Borsum Adolph W, Borsum William K: Stem-actuated tiltable valve. March 16, 1971: US3570525 (51 worldwide citation)

A bidirectional valve controls delivery of the normal fluid flow through a tubular passage and prevents backflow into the fluid source. For this purpose, axially spaced first and second valve seats are provided in the bore of the tube and a valve body, disposed between the seats, utilizes the supply ...