Harvey Clyde B: Fistula and penetrating wound dressing. March 9, 1971: US3568675 (665 worldwide citation)

A fistula and penetrating wound dressing including a planar flexible sheet of material and having a plurality of small openings spaced from the edges to permit an adhesive substance such as collodion to be applied thereover to secure the sheet to the body. The central portion of the dressing include ...

Karnegis James N: Disposable percutaneous intracardiac pump and method of pumping blood. March 9, 1971: US3568659 (195 worldwide citation)

A heart pump is provided including a catheter and catheter tube having at its extremity a series of longitudinally extending ribs extending in angularly spaced relation about the catheter. The ribs are enclosed within a resilient tube which is expanded and contracted by said ribs to more or less fil ...

Simjian Luther G: Verification system using coded identifying and storage means. March 9, 1971: US3569619 (105 worldwide citation)

A verification system for identifying means such as credit cards, charge plates, etc. includes a storage means storing an image of the rightful possessor of such card or characters from which such an image can be reproduced. Responsive to the presentation of such a card and insertion thereof in a se ...

Aggarwal Rattan, Segall Louis H: Control means for pulse generating apparatus. The Bendix Corporation, March 9, 1971: US3569727 (102 worldwide citation)

A condenser discharge type electrical pulse generating circuit, such as for a combustion engine ignition system, in combination with means for automatically disabling said circuit after operation for an interval within a predetermined range, the combination being such that the disabling means may be ...

Heatter Merrill: Tone signal communications apparatus. March 9, 1971: US3569937 (95 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides the means by which one or more signals can be employed to operate one or more load devices. Embodiments of the invention have widespread application, but are particularly useful in the broadcast field where these tone signals can be generated in the broadcast studio an ...

Chancellor Robert O, Chancellor Forest E: Apparatus and method for setting liners in well casings. March 9, 1971: US3568773 (94 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for setting a production liner within a well casing providing an elongated tubular setting sleeve adapted to be mounted on the upper end of such a liner and to be loosely received within the casing including tool means releasably connected to the sleeve for initially lowering ...

Kilham Peter: Bird feeder. March 9, 1971: US3568641 (87 worldwide citation)

A bird feeder comprising a vertically disposed hollow housing having an opening in a sidewall thereof of a size just sufficient to receive the head or beak of a bird, perch means extending outwardly from the housing just below said opening, and baffle means inside the housing adjacent the top said a ...

Houldcroft Peter T: Laser cutting apparatus. National Research Development Corporation, March 9, 1971: US3569660 (80 worldwide citation)

A workpiece is cut or gouged by moving a concentrated laser beam along its surface and directing on to the moving region of the workpiece, at which the laser beam is concentrated, a jet of gas; a material which is different from the material of the workpiece is also introduced in this region. The ad ...

Benedikt Aa Munk, Leon Peters Jr, Edward K Damon: Helical launcher. The Ohio State University Research Foundation Columbus, Anthony D Cennamo, March 9, 1971: US3569979 (76 worldwide citation)

The invention is for a helical antenna assembly which utilizes a coaxial cable as a means of electrical excitation and provides a gradual transition from the coaxial cable to the helix wire to permit higher power excitation and elimination of a flat ground plane.

Brishka Alexander R: Coaxial connector with axial interlock. Sealectro Corporation, March 9, 1971: US3569903 (75 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector with a male member, a female member with a bore, and slots forming spring jaws in said female member to form an electrical connection between the members, and means are provided to lock the mated parts against axial displacement. The outer end of the bore is flared diagonally ...