Long Hugh M: Low temperature electric transmission systems. Union Carbide Corporation, February 9, 1971: US3562401 (260 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a low temperature electrical transmission system which is defined by an elongated conduit having at least one electrical conductor internally positioned within said conduit, an outer jacket surrounding said elongated conduit and a circulating cryogenic dielectric cooling liqu ...

Jewett Warren R, Bialobrzeski Walter C: Instrument for obtaining a biopsy specimen. Eversharp, February 9, 1971: US3561429 (187 worldwide citation)

An instrument useful in obtaining biopsy specimens or the like from the body. In particular, the instrument is in the form of a gun having a triggerlike mechanism which, in a single stroke, will activate a vacuum-producing means to draw a specimen into a tip supported by the gun and, thereafter, cau ...

Maillard Paul, Rebeyrolle Michel: Composite tubes and method of manufacturing same. February 9, 1971: US3561493 (187 worldwide citation)

This invention is addressed to a tube formed of a plurality of interbonded layers of plastic material in which the plastic material in one layer differs from the plastic material in others with the adjacent layers of different plastic materials being interbonded with a layer formed of a precompounde ...

Boucher Raymond Marcel Gut: Ultrasonic drug nebulizer. Bio Logics, February 9, 1971: US3561444 (140 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic drug nebulizer for forming droplets from a medicated solution and emitting the same into the surrounding atmosphere having a receptacle with a base and walls to form a liquid containing chamber, a truncated conical cup for containing the medicated solution removably mounted in the uppe ...

Latner Norman: Method for determining the state of charge of nickel cadmium batteries by measuring the farad capacitance thereof. February 9, 1971: US3562634 (120 worldwide citation)

Method for predicting the capacity of nickel-cadmium batteries with a standard reference curve that indicates battery capacitance as a function of the state-of-charge of a given nickel-cadmium battery type wherein the standard reference curve is used with the measurement of the capacitance of any ba ...

Grindle James L: Light fixture support. General Electric Company, February 9, 1971: US3561719 (116 worldwide citation)

Hanger device for supporting industrial luminaire from ceiling conduit. Cover of ballast housing at top of luminaire has central aperture for receiving conduit and a mounting bushing threaded internally for engaging threaded conduit and threaded externally for engaging locking nut slidably positione ...

Farnsworth Robert P: Circuit for reducing stray capacity effects in transformer windings. Hughes Aircraft Company, February 9, 1971: US3562623 (109 worldwide citation)

A transformer charging system that provides a highly efficient operation and that substantially eliminates switching transients. The high voltage or secondary winding of the transformer as well as the primary winding in some arrangements, is divided into segments which are isolated from each other b ...

Nicholson Gary W: Combined splint and coolant container. Development, February 9, 1971: US3561435 (105 worldwide citation)

The combined splint and container comprises an inflatable splint having inner and outer walls defining an inflatable chamber and a flexible container wall disposed in face to face spaced relation to the inner wall and connected thereto at its margins and extending from one end thereof to and beyond ...

Morrison Robert S, Rebovich Edward P: Container. Morrison, February 9, 1971: US3561633 (85 worldwide citation)

A container for general cargo and the like including an extruded metallic frame having panels of plywood or like material encapsulated with glass reinforced plastic and bonded with a polyurethane adhesive both to the frame and to adjacent panels to form a monolithic boxlike structure.

Kovach Leslie J: Dental cleaning and massaging device. February 9, 1971: US3561433 (80 worldwide citation)

A dental cleaning and massaging device includes a water tank and CO.sub.2 cartridge-containing housing arranged end to end therewith to form a handle. The top of the tank is closed by a screw cap supporting a nozzle. A slide valve is mounted in the tank and includes two pairs of normally closed inte ...