Gerald L Gregoire: Cut flower package. Gregoire Flowers, Fryer Tjensvold Felix Phillips & Lempio, January 19, 1971: US3556389 (235 worldwide citation)

A package for cut flowers is made of flexible material having a champagne glass shape. The lower part of the package grips the stems and the upper part of the package shields and protects the blossoms while allowing ample space for the blossoms to breath.

Laerdal Asmund Sigurd: Valve for artificial respiration apparatus. January 19, 1971: US3556122 (213 worldwide citation)

A valve for an artificial respiration apparatus formed by a tubular member and wall members extending radially therefrom and forming an annular chamber at one end of the tubular member. A diaphragm is secured within the annular chamber and extends across the tubular member, within the tubular member ...

Omizo Haruo: Method of puncturing a medical instrument under guidance of ultrasound. January 19, 1971: US3556079 (161 worldwide citation)

A method of inserting a medical instrument under guidance of ultrasound, which is characterized by transmitting an ultrasonic beam toward the internal parts of the human body, receiving backscattered waves which have changed their frequency in accordance with the Doppler effect caused by the movemen ...

James E Hollis: Sole plate secured to club head by screws of different specific gravities. Bancroft Racket Company A corporation of Rhode Island, Barlow & Barlow, January 19, 1971: US3556533 (149 worldwide citation)

A golf club having a wooden head with the sole plate attached to the bottom of the head by screws, the heads of which screws are exposed, the fastening screws being selected from different materials and, therefore, of different weights for providing the desired balance of the head while at the same ...

Ilya Andreevich Tikhonov, Ivan Alexandrovich Dzhanshiev, Anatoly Egorovich Sochilin, Eduard Nikolaevich Yakunin: Apparatus for protecting AC switches and electrical equipment against low temperatures and icing. Severo Zapadnoe Otdelenie Vsesojuznogo Gosudarstvennogo, Waters Roditi Schwartz & Nissen, January 19, 1971: US3557341 (142 worldwide citation)

An AC switch comprises blade contacts in which at least one contact member has at least one ferromagnetic portion integrally incorporated therein so that load current passes through the ferromagnetic portion when the switch is closed. The ferromagnetic portion is interposed in series with the remain ...

Jacob Shorr: Composite membrane and process for making same. Amicon Corporation, R W Furlong, January 19, 1971: US3556305 (135 worldwide citation)

A novel membrane suitable for use in reverse osmosis and related separation processes, said membrane comprising (a) an anisotropic membrane comprising a thin microporous barrier skin and a thicker macroporous support layer, (b) a very thin layer of a film forming adhesive polymer over the barrier sk ...

Joseph S Guarr 1617 Mulvane: Medicine dispensing apparatus. Fishburn Gold and Litman, January 19, 1971: US3556342 (103 worldwide citation)

A medicine dispensing apparatus is mounted in a cabinet having a medicine receiving hopper therein. A plurality of medicine dispensing housings are mounted in the cabinet with each communicating with the hopper. A magazine containing medicine in the form of a plurality of pills, capsules, tablets, a ...

George A Walck III, Ralph Carson, George T Maloney: Catheter package with self-contained lubricant. C R Bard, W Saxton Seward, January 19, 1971: US3556294 (103 worldwide citation)

A package for elongated surgical or medical devices such as catheters in which friable capsules containing a lubricant such as liquid silicones are packed adjacent one end of the device in a position to be broken by pressure so that the lubricant is released from the capsules but retained adjacent t ...

Takahashi Nagashige: Optical viewing instrument. Olympus Optical Company, January 19, 1971: US3556085 (100 worldwide citation)

Microscope adapted to be inserted into the spaces in a living body for direct examination of the interior surfaces thereof and having a magnifying objective lens system, a fiber optical viewing system, eyepiece means for observing the magnified image formed on the rear end surface of said fiber opti ...

Joseph W Spahn 5007 N Kensington: Electrically driven vehicle. Fishburn Gold and Litman, January 19, 1971: US3556239 (76 worldwide citation)

A battery powered automobile includes an air operated turbine fed by front and side air scoops for providing both charging current to the batteries and driving power for the automobile. An auxiliary internal combustion engine is included for use when necessary. Deceleration and wind sensitive contro ...