Duddington Jack Ernest, Sherratt Stanley: Improvements in polymerisation processes. Ici, October 7, 1959: GB821353-A (11 worldwide citation)

Tetrafluoroethylene is polymerized in aqueous media to obtain colloidal polymer dispersions by a process which comprises initiating the polymerization in the presence of water containing a catalytic amount of a water-soluble catalyst and after the polymerization has started but before the amount of ...

Shell-less egg, method and means for marketing same. Lawrence B Darrah, October 7, 1959: GB821371-A (8 worldwide citation)

Eggs are processed for market, by removing the shells, sealing, in an innocuous gas atmosphere, the egg masses in a container so that the egg masses and a part of the gas are sealed therein. The egg mass may be separated into low and high-grade groups, that in the low grade being separated into mark ...


Improvements in and relating to stator casings for gas turbines. Stromungsmaschinen Ges M B H A, October 7, 1959: FR1189849-A (8 worldwide citation)

839,325. Turbine stator casings. ANSTALT FUR STROMUNGSMASCHINEN G.m.b.H. Aug. 14, 1956 [Aug. 18, 1955], No. 24803/56. Class 110 (3). In a stator casing for a gas turbine, abradable sealing segments of high heat-resisting quality are mounted in either circumferentially closely spaced axially-extendin ...

Food chopper. Popeil Samuel J, October 7, 1959: GB821493-A (6 worldwide citation)

821,493. Food choppers. POPEIL, S. J. May 7, 1958 [July 16, 1957], No. 14660/58. Class 28 (2). In chopping food by blades 20 at the shaft end of a handle 11 the shaft 15 is provided with diametrical projections 49 which move down in helical grooves 48 to rotate the blades. Fig. 6 shows the assembly ...

Power-operated lifting truck. Yale & Towne Mfg Co, October 7, 1959: GB821383-A (6 worldwide citation)

821,383. Mobile luffing arm apparatus. YALE & TOWNE MANUFACTURING CO. July 29, 1957 [Feb. 11, 1957], No. 23908/57. Class 78 (3). The load carrier 10 of a lift truck is mounted on a spaced pair of lift arms 21, each carried on links 27, 28 pivoted to the truck at 30, 32 and movable by rams 33 to caus ...

Harris Ronald: Improvements in burglar alarms. Burgot Rentals, October 7, 1959: GB821260-A (6 worldwide citation)

A burglar alarm (see Group XXXVIII). employs a glass pane having a peripheral path of sprayed metal applied to a previously roughened part of the surface. The roughening is carried out by sand blasting through a mask and then spraying through the same mask with zinc, aluminium or copper.

Quaternary ammonium compounds. Rohm & Haas, October 7, 1959: GB821242-A (6 worldwide citation)

The invention comprises quaternary ammonium compounds formed from one mole. of tris-(dimethylaminomethyl) phenol and one to three moles. of a compound comprising a hydrocarbon group or a substituted hydrocarbon group having ten to twenty-one carbon atoms attached to a reactive halogen. The compounds ...

A device for using a photographic camera under water. John Leslie Chandler, October 7, 1959: GB821235-A (6 worldwide citation)

821,235. Photographic cameras. CHANDLER, J. L. Feb. 11, 1957 [Feb. 9, 1956], No. 4087/56. Class 98(1) A device for using a photographic camera under water consists of a flexible waterproof housing 1 forming a loose enclosure for the camera 3 and having an expansible neck 2, through which the camera ...

Improvements in hoods for motor cars. Thrupp & Maberly, Walter Frederick Warden, October 7, 1959: GB821311-A (6 worldwide citation)

821,311. Folding roofs. THRUPP & MABERLY Ltd., and WARDEN, W. F. Jan. 27, 1956 [Jan. 28, 1955], No. 2693/55 Class 108(1) A hoop stick 14 is provided with a slot 15 to retain the beaded part 17 of a roof 10a, 10b. Specifications 268,282 [Class 108(i)], 638,270 [Group XVI], and 688,226 are referred to ...