Preparation of partially depolymerized hyaluronic acid and therapeutic compositions thereof. American Home Prod, March 6, 1957: GB769287-A (24 worldwide citation)

Hyaluronic acid is partially depolymerized to a degree corresponding to that obtained by incubating a 5 per cent solution of sodium hyaluronate in physiological saline with 20 TRU (turbidity reducing units) of hyaluronidase per milligram of hyaluronic acid at 38 DEG C. for a period in the range of 5 ...

Analgesic compositions. Merck & Co, March 6, 1957: GB769517-A (9 worldwide citation)

An analgesic composition comprises a potent analgesic and an antagonist as defined below in amount effective to counteract the side effects (narcosis, nausea, respiratory depresion, addiction, &c.) of the analgesic without impairing its analgesic activity. Potent analgesics specified include codeine ...

Improvements in, or relating to, holders for tools or implements. William Richard Maurice Mitche, March 6, 1957: GB769425-A (6 worldwide citation)

769,425. Clamp fastenings. MITCHELL, W. R. M. May 3, 1054 [May 2, ,1053], No. 12209/53. Class 44. A holder for brooms, tools, &c. comprises a U-shape bracket having a base secured to a wall &c. and two . arms projecting substantially normally to the base and forming, respectively,. a stop to limit m ...

Improvements in or relating to beaming machines. Thomas Holt, George Lee, March 6, 1957: GB769302-A (6 worldwide citation)

769,302. Beaming machines. HOLT, Ltd. T. and LEE, G. July 17, 1953 [April 17, 1952], No. 9633/52. Class 142 (1). Each end of a warp beam B is mounted in a carriage 19 connected to an hydraulic ram and cylinder 16, 17, pivoted at 16a, whereby a full beam can be moved along a slide 18 and lowered over ...

Gerhard Lehmann Pottkamper, March 6, 1957: GB769547-A (5 worldwide citation)

769,547. Earth-stabilizing apparatus. POTTKAMPER, G. LEHMANN-. May 13, 1955, No. 13950/55. Class 68 (1). [Also in Group XXIV] The out-of-balance force set up in a mechanical vibrator may be infinitely varied from a predetermined maximum to a zero value by regulation of fluid that can act on one end ...

Applicator type container. Ronald Leopold Demuth, March 6, 1957: GB769416-A (5 worldwide citation)

769,416. Bottles. DEMUTH, R. L. March 8, 1955 [June 11, 1954], No. 15749/54. Drawings to Specification. Class 66. [Also in Group XXIII] An applicator type container comprises a rigid body made of glass or synthetic resin having a domed top with an aperture at its centre. The container may be made by ...

Improvements in or relating to roofing and sí í sheets. William Cookson, March 6, 1957: GB769526-A (5 worldwide citation)

769,526. Prizing tools. COOKSON, W. Nov. 6, 1953 [Dec. 16, 1952; June 30, 1953; Oct. 29, 1953], Nos. 31861/52, 18118/53 and 29954/53. Class 61 [Also in Group X] A tool 10 for disengaging ribs 5, 6 on the edges of adjacent metal, plastic or other sheets 4, 41 comprises a handle 12 and a tapered blade ...

Improvements in and relating to the releasable fixing by frictional connection of a machine part which is displaceable with respect to a guiding part. Maschf Augsburg Nuernberg, March 6, 1957: FR1132160-A (4 worldwide citation)

795,689. Locking devices. MASCHINENFABRIK AUGSBURG-NURNBERG AKT.- GES. Oct. 3, 1955 [Oct. 30, 1954], No. 28061/55. Class 80 (3). A displaceable machine part 2, such as the arm of drilling- machine, is frictionally secured to a guiding part or column 1 by fluidpressure within an inflatable cushion 4 ...



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