Screen William John Leslie: Improvements in and relating to joints for tubes and the like. Grill Floors, March 18, 1953: GB688923-A (9 worldwide citation)

A molten alloy, containing 85 per cent of lead and 15 of antimony, is poured into recesses and grooves formed between the ends of assembled tubular rails or the like to prevent relative axial but not rotary movement.

Fehling Hans Reinhard, Rosin Paul Otto: Improvements in and relating to reservoir writing instruments. Compania Uruguaya de Fomento I, March 18, 1953: GB688891-A (7 worldwide citation)

688,891. Reservoir pens. COMPANIA URUGUAYA DE FOMENTO INDUSTRIAL SOC. ANON. Sept. 12, 1947. [May 13, 1946 ; June 3, 1946] Nos. 14406/46 and 16831/46. Class 146,(iii). An ink reservoir for a ball-point pen has a diameter of not more than 6mms. and is equipped with a piston which has a "bulk" density ...

Improvements in and relating to liquid-immersed apparatus. British Thomson-Houston, March 18, 1953: GB688952-A (5 worldwide citation)

688,952. Transformers. BRITISH THOMSON-HOUSTON CO., Ltd. March 13, 1951 [March 31, 1950], No. 6042/51. Class 38 (ii). A transformer tank 1 is connected just above oil level 2 by a tube 4 to the bottom of an expansion chamber 5, a substantial part at least of which is below the upper level of tank 1. ...

Production of finely divided titanium dioxide. Schweizerhall Saeurefab, March 18, 1953: GB689123-A (5 worldwide citation)

Pigmentary rutile titanium dioxide is produced by decomposing at 1000-1600 DEG C vaporized titanium chloride with gases containing free oxygen in the presence of a volatile silicon compound and a volatile aluminium compound in amounts sufficient to yield a product containing 0.01-5 per cent silica a ...

Improvements relating to brushes. Lee And James, James Leslie Seccombe, March 18, 1953: GB689059-A (5 worldwide citation)

689,059. Brushes, handles; screwdrivers, scrapers and prizing tools. LEE & JAMES, Ltd., and SECCOMBE, J. L. June 5, 1951 [July 29, 1950], No. 18995/50. Classes 19, 61 (i), 61 (ii) and 61 (iii). In a paint brush in which the bristles are secured to the handle by a binding band 12, a metal strip 14 is ...

Apparatus and method for making molded fibrous articles. Hawley Products Co, March 18, 1953: GB688852-A (4 worldwide citation)

688,852. Moulding articles from fibrous pulp. HAWLEY PRODUCTS CO. July 25, 1950 [Aug. 12,1949], No. 18538/50. Class 87 (ii). An apparatus for accret ing fibrous material from a slurry comprises a pair o dies 1, 20, a tubular cham ber 8 between the die mem bers, means for supplying slurry to the cham ...

Improvements in or relating to the production of yarns. Kohorn H Von, March 18, 1953: GB689054-A (4 worldwide citation)

A yarn of or containing staple fibres is obtained by subjecting groups of continuous filaments to different degrees of stretch, short of the breaking-point, to give the filaments different breaking-point elongations, combining the stretched groups of filaments to form a bundle, and then subjecting t ...

Improvements in or relating to bi-pin adaptors for electric bayonet caps or plugs. Gen Electric, Henry Grainger Jenkins, Albert Edward Woolgar, March 18, 1953: GB688926-A (4 worldwide citation)

688,926. Two-part couplings; lamp-holders. GENERAL ELECTRIC CO., Ltd., JENKINS, H. G., and WOOLGAR, A. E. May 3, 1951 [May 24, 1950], No. 13057/50. Class 38 (i). An adaptor for enabling a bayonet plug, such as a lamp cap, to be fitted to a bi-pin socket comprises a hollow, metal cylinder 1 provided ...

A tie for supporting trees and plants. Sidney Henry Rainbow, Francis Stanley Stephens, March 18, 1953: GB688846-A (4 worldwide citation)

688,846. Plant supports. RAINBOW, S. H., and STEPHENS, F. S. April 10, 1951 [May 17, 1950], No. 12307/50. Class 6(ii) A tree-supporting tie comprises a flexible strap 10 and a flexible and resilient collar 14 encircling the strap between the stake 16 and tree 15. The edges of the collar may be beade ...

Improvements in map holders. Denis Simpson Gunning, March 18, 1953: GB688912-A (4 worldwide citation)

688,912. Map-holders. GUNNING, D. S. Jan. 24, 1951. (Feb. 14, 1950] No. 3776/50. Class 146 (ii). A map holder comprises a sheet metal casing 1 containing a map 2 and a transparent hinged cover 9 held closed by a spring clip 11. An L- shaped arm 4, detachably secured to the casing, carries a U-shaped ...