Improvements in or relating to pistols. Leslie Wesley, August 31, 1948: GB607444-A (4 worldwide citation)

607,444. Pistols. WESLEY, L. Feb. 4, 1946, No. 3525. [Class 119] A pneumatic pistol for firing slugs or similar projectiles and having a housing k for a compressed gas container l is provided with means for releasing a pre-arranged quantity of gas under pressure from the container into the barrel a ...


Improvements relating to portable appliances for the vulcanising of tyres and the like. Harold Cyril Fenton, August 31, 1948: GB607430-A (3 worldwide citation)

607,430. Thermal switches; contacts. FENTON, H. C. Feb. 4, 1946, No. 3447. [Class 38 (v)] [Also in Group V] A switch for use in a vulcanizing appliance (see Group V) for automatically. breaking a heating circuit when the temperature attains a predetermined limit comprises a bimetallic strip 15, Fig. ...


Improvements in or relating to holders for photographs and the like. Samson Cohen, August 31, 1948: GB607413-A (3 worldwide citation)

607,413. Stands. SAMSON, S. (formerly COHEN, S.). Feb. 2, 1946, No. 3365. [Class 52(iii)] A holder for photographs comprises four metal strips pinjointed to one another at 5 to form four consecutive links the outer ends of the outer strips 1 being free and bent to form feet 2 each terminating in an ...