Improvements in racks or shelving. Frank Richard Noakes, August 13, 1946: GB579688-A (4 worldwide citation)

579,688. Shelving. NOAKES, F. R. April 28, 1944, No. 7956. [Class 52 (i)] In a rack or shelving comprising two vertical sheet metal panels 1 each pierced with a series of horizontal slits 2, and shelves 3 extending between the panels and having at each end at least one hook 4 for insertion into any ...


Improvements in or relating to transport aircraft. Henrique Emil Mendelssohn, August 13, 1946: GB579708-A (3 worldwide citation)

579,708. Aircraft. MENDELSSOHN, H.-E. July 24, 1944, No. 14100. [Class 4] An aircraft fuselage is fitted with a plurality of sliding doors closing openings therein, the doors being so arranged that when brought from the closed position they do not overlie or obscure adjacent openings in the fuselage ...

Improvements relating to the supporting of casements. James Richard Cornelius, Charles Castledine, Roland Gibson, August 13, 1946: GB579707-A (3 worldwide citation)

579,707. Windows. CORNELIUS, J. R., CASTLEDINE, C., and GIBSON, R. July 22, 1944, No. 14047. [Class 20 (iii)] A casement window is supported at opposite edges by links hinged to the frame, and at least one of the links may be clamped with respect to both the window and the frame. As shown, the windo ...



Improvements in or relating to building blocks or bricks or the like. Willoughby Arthur Smith, August 13, 1946: GB579690-A (2 worldwide citation)

579,690. Building blocks. SMITH, W. A. May 23, 1944, No. 9910. [Class 87 (i)] A building block having a vertical hole 7a is provided on its upper and lower faces with a rib 2 and a corresponding recess 3 and on its end faces with a rib 4 and a recess 5 each formed with a groove 6. Grooves 8 in the u ...

Improvements in or relating to thermionic amplifiers. Hugh Lyon Mansford, August 13, 1946: GB579685-A (2 worldwide citation)

579,685. Valve amplifying circuits. MANSFORD, H. L. April 24, 1944, No. 7623. [Class 40 (v)] In an amplifier cumprising a number of pairs of valves, the cathodes of each pair being connected to a common point, and the anodes to a common point while the grids are fed in push-pull, connections are mad ...



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