Improvements in stoves. Charles Leigh Thomas, March 1, 1945: GB567768-A (1 worldwide citation)

567,768. Heat-radiators forming parts of stoves. THOMAS, C. L. Aug. 21, 1943, No. 13654.. [Class 126] In a stove having superposed sections formed with transverse air-heating passages and arranged above a firebox 13, each section is formed of two similar parts 20, 21 of the form shown in Fig. 3, the ...





Improvements in hydraulic transmission mechanism. James Henry Pratt, March 1, 1945: GB567764-A (1 worldwide citation)

567,764. Hydraulic master cylinders. PRATT, J. H. July 7, 1943, No. 11011. [Class 69 (ii)] [Also in Group XXXIV] Hydraulic master cylinders for the operation, for instance, of brakes, aircraft controls and ship steering gear, are provided with a piston-rod which extends through both ends of the cyli ...

Improvements in and relating to the drying or curing of surfaces. coated or impregnated with plastic materials. John Coleman Nicholson, Plastic Spray, March 1, 1945: GB567763-A (1 worldwide citation)

567,763. Drying coated or impregnated surfaces. NICHOLSON, J. C., and PLASTIC SPRAY, Ltd. June 28. 1943, No. 10441. [Class 34 (ii)] [Also in Group XI] Surfaces or surface materials coated and/or impregnated with plastic materials, including natural or synthetic rubber, are dried and/or cured by subj ...

Improvements in concrete buildings or structures. George Gordon Holman, March 1, 1945: GB567760-A (1 worldwide citation)

567,760. Building blocks. HOLMAN, G. G. June 25, 1943, No. 10257. [Class 87 (i)] Building blocks for cavity walls but which may be filled in with reinforced concrete comprise two pre-cast concrete slabs 1, 2 spaced apart in staggered relation laterally and vertically by a connecting piece 3. The edg ...