Improvements in diesel fuels. Standard Oil Dev Co, April 8, 1941: GB535401-A (5 worldwide citation)

535,401. Diesel fuels. STANDARD OIL DEVELOPMENT CO. Oct. 25, 1939, No. 28701. Convention date, Nov. 30, 1938. Drawings to Specification [Class 91] A fuel for Diesel engines comprises a hydrocarbon base fuel consisting of a distillate boiling within the range 450-650 F., having an A.P.I. gravity betw ...


Improvements in valves for use in hydraulic mechanisms. Cyril Dell, Hugh Beswick, April 8, 1941: GB535369-A (3 worldwide citation)

535,369. Valves. DELL, C., and BESWICK, H. April 28, 1939, No. 12751. [Class 135] An automatic change-over valve arranged to connect a source of fluid pressure to a work cylinder or motor when the supply of pressure is turned on and to exhaust when the supply of pressure is turned off comprises a sp ...



Treatment of artificial fibres and like materials. Du Pont, April 8, 1941: GB535379-A (2 worldwide citation)

535,379. Artificial filaments ; treating textiles with liquids. DU PONT DE NEMOURS & CO., E. I. Oct. 5, 1939, No. 27251. Convention date, Oct. 5. 1938. [Classes 2 (ii) and 15 (ii)] A swollen cold-drawn filament, fibre, or thread of a synthetic linear polymer preferably a polyamide is exposed in rela ...




Improvements in and relating to containers with hermetically sealing lids. Seth Fortune, April 8, 1941: GB535392-A (1 worldwide citation)

535,392. Closures for containers. FORTUNE, S. (Oct. 7, 1939, No. 27443. [Class 125 (iii)] [Also in Group XXV] A container 10 of circular or polygonal crosssection is hermetically sealed by a lid 11 with a sealing ring 12 of rubber or the like, which is pulled down tightly on to the body by means of ...