An improved filing device for photographic negatives and the like. Frank Graham Sarel Whitfield, Cuthbert Jack Golledge, December 13, 1940: GB530555-A (4 worldwide citation)

530,555. Filing papers; index tabs; picture mounts. WHITFIELD. F. G. S., and GOLLEDGE. C. J. June 27, 1939, No. 18705. [Classes 11, 16 and 146 (i)] A storage and indexing device for photographic micro-films comprises a leaf with parallel pockets having finger openings. the films having index tabs se ...

Improvements in and relating to guiding means for rivets and the like. Amiot F, December 13, 1940: GB530563-A (3 worldwide citation)

530,563. Riveting. AMIOT. F. June 27, 1939, No. 18747. Convention date, July 2, 1938. [Class 83 (iv)] A device for delivering rivets 2 or the like into a hole 3 includes at least two groups of guides 121, 122, spring-pressed or resilient or both, arranged in different planes perpendicular to the dir ...





Improvements relating to slicing machines. Berkel & Parnall Mach Mfg Co, Henry Thomas, December 13, 1940: GB530535-A (2 worldwide citation)

530,535. Sharpening slicing-machine cutters. BERKEL & PARNALL'S SLICING MACHINE MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd., and THOMAS, H. June 27, 1939, No. 18636. [Class 60] Relates to grinding-means for the circular cutters of slicing machines of the type in which the device is displaceable into and out from an ope ...

Improvements in and relating to cable for use in alarm systems. Willis Gerald Holmes, December 13, 1940: GB530538-A (2 worldwide citation)

530,538. Thermal switches. HOLMES, W. G. June 27, 1939, No. 18647. [Class 38 (v)] A two-wire cable to be connected at one end in series with a battery and an alarm has one, at least, of the conductors 13, 14 of resilient material so strained, as by twisting, that the two conductors normally would be ...

Improvements in method and apparatus for cutting steel sheets. George Edward Black, December 13, 1940: GB530554-A (2 worldwide citation)

530,554. Shearing; making sheets. BLACK, G. E. June 27, 1939, No. 18703. [Classes 83 (ii) and 83 (iv)] Metal sheet feeds.-Flat, cut to length and width, steel sheets are produced from continuous stock having untrimmed edges but being of substantially uniform width by passing the stock through a stra ...

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