Improvements in or relating to strainer plates and drums. James Walker, April 3, 1940: GB519680-A (49 worldwide citation)

519,680. Strainers; making gratings. WALKER, J. Sept. 22, 1938, No. 27603. [Class 46] [Also in Group XXII] Plates for straining paper pulp or other liquor are made of corrugated sheet metal with slits D, Fig. 9, cut along the apices of the corrugations. The corrugations may be angular or curved. Whe ...


Improvements relating to pneumatic tyre pressure gauges. Kinsman, Horace William Chapman, April 3, 1940: GB519676-A (4 worldwide citation)

519,676. Pneumatic tyre pressure gauges. KINSMAN, Ltd., and CHAPMAN, H. W. Sept. 21, 1938, No. 29503. [Class 106 (ii)] Comprises a particular construction of the type in which a spring-loaded lift valve is mounted on a seating in a hollow body part having in screwed connection with it an adjustable ...


Improvements in and relating to window structures applicable to caravans or the like. Ensor Caravans, Charles Alfred Ensor, April 3, 1940: GB519679-A (3 worldwide citation)

519,679. Ventilators. ENSOR CARAVANS, Ltd., and ENSOR, C. A. Sept. 22, 1938, No. 27600. [Class 137] A ventilator serving, as a window, and adapted for caravans or like road vehicles, comprises an inner window I adapted to swing inwardly into an open position on an horizontal axis, and an outer trans ...


Improvements in and relating to door checking and door holding device. Rudolph Ignatius Schonitzer, April 3, 1940: GB519701-A (2 worldwide citation)

519,701. Stays for hinged doors. SCHONITZER. R. 1. Sept. 28, 1938, No. 28199. [Class 65 (i)] A stay for the doors cf motor cars &c. comprises a bar 13 pivoted to th door at 16 and passing between resilient guide rollers 50 in a casing fitted to the body 11. The stay has one or more projections 28 wh ...

Improvements in or relating to dry shavers. American Safety Razor, April 3, 1940: GB519717-A (2 worldwide citation)

519,717. Supply systems for lamps. AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR CORPORATION. Sept. 27, 1938, Nos. 23637/39 and 23638/39. Convention dates, April 25, 1938, and June 21, 1938. Divided out of 519,655, under which a Specification was laid open to inspection under Sect. 91 of the Acts, April 3, 1939. [Class 38 ...

Device for securing paper or the like to drawing boards or tables. Eli Edvard Jensen, April 3, 1940: GB519696-A (2 worldwide citation)

519,696. Clips. JENSEN, E. E. Sept, 26, 1938, No. 27989. Convention date, Sept. 25, 1937. [Class 44] [Also in Groups XV and XIV] A device for securing paper on a drawing board or a table comprises a substantially cylindrical spring plunger d provided with a lip m and sliding in a cylinder b, which i ...

Variable speed gearing for superchargers, fans, pumps and compressors of turbo and centrifugal types. Thomas Pitt de Paravicini, April 3, 1940: GB519670-A (2 worldwide citation)

519,670. Hydraulic brakes. PARAVICINI, T. P. DE. May 31, 1938, No. 16209. [Class 103 (i)] [Also in Group XXIV] Variable-speed epicyclic gearing for driving turbo or centrifugal superchargers, compressors, pumps, or fans has one element, for instance a planet carrier, connected to the driving shaft, ...