Improvements in or relating to exercising machines. Arthur Henry Kempson, November 16, 1937: GB475207-A (6 worldwide citation)

475,207. Exercising-apparatus. KEMPSON, A. H. July 14, 1936, No. 19507. [Class 132 (i)] In an exercising-machine of the stationary pedal-cycle type wherein the wheel 31 is driven against the resistance of an adjustable brake, the tube 14 carrying the saddle is pivoted on a spindle 13 and the wheel 3 ...


Improvements in and relating to sliding doors. Edouard Ernest Lehwess, November 16, 1937: GB475263-A (4 worldwide citation)

475,263. Sliding doors. LEHWESS, E. E. Aug. 13, 1937, No. 22293. Convention date, Dec. 3, 1936. [Class 20 (iii)] A sliding door of the kind which lies below the ceiling when opened and is guided by two pairs of rails, one pair extending upwardly on each side of the opening and the second pair extend ...




Method of fixing flanges on work pieces, more particularly for tubes and tubular parts. Deutsche Eisenwerke, November 16, 1937: GB475244-A (3 worldwide citation)

475,244. Fixing flanges on tubes &c. DEUTSCHE EISENWERKE AKT. - GES. March 16, 1937, No. 7658. Convention date, May 30, 1936. [Class 83 (iv)] In a method of attaching flanges to tubes or tubular parts, the flange is applied to the tube, preferably by screwing, and is then heated so that after coolin ...

Improvements in or relating to strainers in dish-washing machines. Karl Reinhold Wester, November 16, 1937: GB475243-A (3 worldwide citation)

475,243. Dish - washing machines. WESTER, K. R. March 11, 1937, No. 7227. [Class 138 (i)] A dish-washing machine is characterized in that a grease table 1 situated between a strainer 5 and the liquid surface 3, is provided with a number of outlet channels 2 of shovel-like section, which channels are ...

Improvements in or relating to laundry washing machines. Prosperity Co, November 16, 1937: GB475195-A (3 worldwide citation)

The inner receptacle 2 of a rotary dry-cleaning machine is provided at one end only with a trunnion 4, which is journalled in the stationary casing and is provided with the usual driving-gear. The end plate of the receptacle remote from the driven end is provided with an aperture 5 concentric with t ...

Improvements relating to a device for serving measured quantities of food or other material. Annie Gillespie Shaw, Geoffrey Ellett Page, Vickers Electrical, November 16, 1937: GB475576-A (3 worldwide citation)

475,576. Screw - conveyers. SHAW, A. G., PAGE, G. E., and METROPOLITANVICKERS ELECTRICAL CO., Ltd. May 16, 1936, No. 13934. [Class 78 (i)] Apparatus for serving food comprises a hopper 1 having at its base a screw-conveyer 4 adapted to be rotated intermittently through a manual or pedal control and ...

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