Improvements relating to small arms. Aeg, November 12, 1937: GB475080-A (29 worldwide citation)

The stock and butt 1, 2, Fig. 6, of a smallarm is made into a continuous body of fibrous material and binder hollow over the greater part of the length of both the stock and the butt. The fibrous material may be wood fibre, veneer sheets, paper, paper fabric, cotton fabric, staple fibre fabric, cell ...

Improvements in operating gear for doors, gates or the like. Express Lift, William Armour Heppell, November 12, 1937: GB475073-A (6 worldwide citation)

475,073. Electromagnetic clutches. EXPRESS LIFT CO., Ltd., and HEPPELL, W. A. Aug. 24, 1936, No. 23226. [Class 35] [Also in Group XXV] An eddy-current clutch comprises solenoids 23 with cores 21 in a casing 14 mounted on the driving shaft 15 and a steel disc 17 on the driven shaft 18, the solenoids ...

Improvements in or relating to the combustion chambers of four stroke cycle internal combustion engines. Alfred Buechi, November 12, 1937: GB475179-A (4 worldwide citation)

475,179. Oil engines. BUCHI, A. Feb. 7, 1936, No. 3758. Void. Convention date, Feb. 9, 1935. [Class 7 (iii)] In a four - stroke engine in which there is overlap of exhaust and admission periods, the air charge is whirled in a heart or pear shaped combustion chamber 6 by baffles 8 on either the pisto ...

Improvements in or relating to elevated railways. Arthur Hugo Mueller, November 12, 1937: GB475074-A (3 worldwide citation)

475,074. Single -rail railways. MULLER, A. H. Oct. 2, 1936, No. 26755. Convention date, Oct. 14, 1935. [Class 103 (iv)] [Also in Group XXX] In an elevated railway, the car wheels 2 are pressed on to the rails by wheels 8 running on the undersides of the rails and supported by hangers 10 which may sw ...


Improvements in or relating to electric discharge tubes. Philips, November 12, 1937: GB475183-A (2 worldwide citation)

To improve thermal radiation and reduce secondary emission one or more of the components of an electric discharge tube, e.g. the electrodes, electrode supports or wall of the envelope, have a dull black surface consisting of particles of a metal, the melting point of which is higher than 1200 DEG K. ...

Improvements in method and apparatus for annealing sheets or bands of common glass or plate glass, or like products. Cie Reunies Glaces Et Verres, November 12, 1937: GB475181-A (2 worldwide citation)

475,181. Glass - anneaung leers. COMPAGNIES REUNIES DES GLACES ET VERRES SPECIAUX DU NORD DE LA FRANCE. Feb. 10, 1936, No. 3988. Void. Convention date, Feb. 26, 1935. [Class 39 (iii)] In a leer for annealing glass in sheet or plate form, independently controlled electric resistors 18, 9 above and be ...

Improvements in filtering cartridges for gas-masks. Emile Frederic Bourcey, Rene Isidore Bourcey, November 12, 1937: GB475087-A (1 worldwide citation)

475,087. Gas-mask filters. BOURCEY, E. F., and BOURCEY, R. I. June 18, 1937, Nos. 16992 and 16993. Convention dates, Feb. 1 and April 16. [Class 81 (ii)] A filter cartridge for gas-masks comprises active carbon 9 or like filter material, mounted above a filter material 19 for arsines, and arrangemen ...



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