Improvements in and relating to cleansing preparations. Halden & J, John Holden, February 1, 1937: GB460839-A (6 worldwide citation)

A cleansing preparation adapted to be applied to the skin to remove grease &c. consists of a mineral oil, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, or wool fat, together with less than 50 per cent of its weight of a mixture of a straight chain fatty alcohol having between twelve and eighteen carbon atoms with ...

Improvements in and relating to motor road vehicles. Hugh Lewis Pingo Lester, February 1, 1937: GB460619-A (5 worldwide citation)

460,619. Motor vehicles. LESTER, H. L. P. April 16. 1936, No. 10997. [Classes 79 (ii) and 79 (v)] In a motor vehicle having all four wheels driven, the engine drives longitudinal shafting mounted on the vehicle frame and this shafting drives a separate axle or shaft for each wheel also mounted on th ...

Method of knitting fabric and fabric produced thereby. Lawson Knitting Company, February 1, 1937: GB460601-A (4 worldwide citation)

460,601. Elastic knitted fabrics. LAWSON KNITTING CO. Aug. 9, 1935, No. 22500. Convention date, Nov. 15, 1934. [Class 74 (ii)] In the knitting of an elastic fabric, plain or ribbed, comprising strands of cotton, silk, artificial silk, &c. and rubber strands, preferably uncovered, such tension is app ...


Improvements in and relating to microphones. Charles Matthias Streete, Shaftesbury Microphones, February 1, 1937: GB460775-A (3 worldwide citation)

460,775. Microphones. STREETE, C. M., and SHAFTESBURY MICROPHONES, Ltd. July 31,1935, No. 21675. [Class 40 (iv)] In a microphone of the ribbon type, the ribbon is supported at one or more points intermediate its ends so that it is divided into two or more coplanar, freely vibratable parts, each of a ...

Improvements in and relating to a decorative illumination device with a make-and-break lamp. Zenjiro Nomoto, February 1, 1937: GB460648-A (3 worldwide citation)

460,648. Control systems for electric incandescent lamps with cut-outs. NOMOTO, Z. April 26, 1935, No. 12591. Void. Convention date, May 1, 1934. [Class 38 (iv)] [Also in Group XI] Series systems.-The circuit through a number of lamps in series is made and broken intermittently by a thermal switch a ...

Improvements in doors and the like. William James Evans, James Mason, February 1, 1937: GB460611-A (2 worldwide citation)

460,611. Door bodies; panels. EVANS, W. J., and MASON, J. Jan. 4, 1936, No. 362. Addition to 443,681. [Classes 20 (iii) and 20 (iv)] Consists in forming the peripheral frame 20 of the door described in the parent Specification of two or more sections 20, 20b in order to permit of different woods bei ...


Improvements in and relating to portable vanity-case combined with hand-bag. Maria Lambooy, February 1, 1937: GB460609-A (2 worldwide citation)

460,609. Vanity cases and hand bags. LAMBOOY, M. Oct. 25, 1935, No. 29562. [Classes 18 and 133] A vanity case of wood, metal, synthetic resin, &c. and provided with a compartmented interior has an opening cut in the side opposite the cover, and a rigid plate 14, Fig. 3, carrying a handbag 10, rests ...

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