Process of removing gas from coal and other carbonaceous materials in situ. Leo Ranney, March 17, 1936: GB444484-A (35 worldwide citation)

444,484. Recovering natural gas. RANNEY, L., Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. Sept. 17, 1934, No. 26685. [Class 55 (ii)] Natural gas is recovered from coal and other carbonaceous deposits in situ by gaining access to such deposit and subjecting it to a heat treatmeni appreciably below the temperature at w ...

Improvements in or relating to pipe and like joints. English Steel, George Shewan Cleghorn, March 17, 1936: GB444217-A (7 worldwide citation)

444,217. Pipe &c. joints. ENGLISH STEEL CORPORATION, Ltd., Vickers House, and CLEGHORN, G. S., 14, Hardwick Crescent, both in Sheffield. Dec. 31, 1934, No. 37334. [Class 99 (i)] In a pipe joint in which fluidtightness is effected by a flexible sealing ring 4 located within oppositely arranged cooper ...

Improvements in or relating to vibration damping devices. Raoul Roland Raymond Sarazin, March 17, 1936: GB444222-A (6 worldwide citation)

444,222. Vibration-dampers. SARAZIN, R. R. R., St.-Prix, Seine & Oise, France. Jan. 22, 1935, No. 2107. [Class 108 (iii)] In a vibration-damping device comprising a mass movably supported upon the vibrating part by one or more rolling members, each of which rolls on a track carried by the vibrating ...

Improvements in electric lamp-holders. John Ashworth Crabtree, March 17, 1936: GB444211-A (4 worldwide citation)

444,211. Two-part couplings. CRABTREE, J. A., Endwood, Little Aston Park, Sutton Coldfield. Nov. 3, 1934, No. 31584. Addition to 405,023, [Group XI]. [Class 38 (i)] The electric-lamp holder described in the parent Specification is modified by providing the metal liner b with a system of bonding teet ...

Improvements relating to cycle brakes. H C Webb &, Frank Walter Taylor, March 17, 1936: GB444227-A (3 worldwide citation)

444,227. Cycle brakes. WEBB & CO., Ltd., H. C., and TAYLOR, F. W., Tame Road, Witton, Birmingham. March 11, 1935, No. 7518. [Class 136 (i)] Means for mounting a rear brake of the calliper type on a cycle frame comprises an attachment plate of inverted-U or similar shape having means associated with ...

Improvements in and relating to means for reducing the noise caused by ventilating fans and other rotating apparatus. Ralph Poole, Ass Elect, March 17, 1936: GB444206-A (3 worldwide citation)

444,206. Screw fans. POOLE, R., 1, Arden Park, Bredbury, Cheshire, and ASSOCIATED ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES, Ltd., Crown House, Aldwych, London. Oct. 3, 1934, No. 28344. [Class 110 (i)] [See also Group XXVII] Apparatus for reducing the noise due to eddy currents in a fluid stream produced by a ventilati ...

Washing device. Herman Frederick Rutledge, March 17, 1936: GB444237-A (2 worldwide citation)

444,237. Washing apparatus. RUTLEDGE, H. F., 174, Front Street West, Toronto, Canada. Aug. 13, 1935, No. 22820. Convention date, Nov. 30, 1934. [Class 138 (ii)] A container for holding small articles such as stockings whilst they are being washed is formed of thick collapsable cellular material such ...