An improved process for the manufacture of printing blocks or plates. Arnold Weck, October 28, 1935: GB437335-A (1 worldwide citation)

437,335. Photo-mechanical printing- surfaces. WECK, A., 70, Rue du General Leman, Brussels. April 29, 1935, No. 12804. Convention date, Feb. 18. [Class 98 (ii)] In a process of preparing blocks or plates for relief printing, a metal plate is coated with bichromated gelatin, dried, coated with bichro ...




Improvements in conveyors. Albert William Sizer, October 28, 1935: GB437264-A (1 worldwide citation)

437,264. Endless chain conveyers. SIZER, A. W., White House, Davenport Avenue, Hessle, Yorkshire. March 28, 1935, No. 6438/34. [Class 78 (i)] A conveyer for granular and like material comprises an endless chain to the links 21 of which rigid bars 23 are fixed extending in a direction at right angles ...

Improvements relating to braking apparatus for railway and other vehicles. Westinghouse Brake & Signal, October 28, 1935: GB437324-A (1 worldwide citation)

437,324. Fluid - pressure brakes. WESTINGHOUSE BRAKE & SAXBY SIGNAL CO., Ltd., 82, York Road, King's Cross, London.-(Assignees of Logan, J. W. ; Cambridge Court Apartments, Edgewood, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) Nov. 16, 1934, No. 33062. Convention date, Nov. 17, 1933. [Class 103 (i)] Brake apparatus more ...

Improvements in or relating to electrically heated radiators. Robert Glanzmann Junior, Hans Bochsler, October 28, 1935: GB437322-A (1 worldwide citation)

437,322. Electric radiators. GLANZMANN, R., Sargans,.and BOCHSLER, H., Hotel Schwefelbad, Sargans, Switzerland. Oct. 10, 1934, No. 29029. [Class 39 (iii)] An electric radiator comprises a tank 1 free from subdivisions and containing an electrically insulating liquid 2 of high boiling point, an elect ...

Improvements in or relating to sieve or riddle stands. Ralph Harold Griggs Burgess, October 28, 1935: GB437319-A (1 worldwide citation)

437,319. Sifting-apparatus. BURGESS, R. H. G., 15, Windsor Terrace, King's Lynn, Norfolk. Aug. 24, 1934, No. 23916. [Class 117] A support for riddles, which permits oscillation and vibration in all directions, comprises a stand C and a central vertical spring B supporting a riddle or a frame A for c ...

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