Improvements in cigarette holders. Robert Taylor Mitchell, February 25, 1932: GB367570-A (5 worldwide citation)

367,570. Cigarette holders. MITCHELL, R. T., Littlemill, Nairn, Invernessshire. Feb. 25, 1931, No. 5850. [Class 130.] A cigarette holder consists of a small tube A of metal or other material having an integral T- shaped extension A at an angle to the holder, so that a cigarette B is supported clear ...

Improvements in or relating to holders for test tubes and like vessels. Charles Ernest Hunter, February 25, 1932: GB367529-A (5 worldwide citation)

367,529. Stand heads. HUNTER, C. E., 33, Marryat Road, Wimbledon, London. Jan. 24,1931, No. 2435. [Class 52 (v).] A stand for holding test-tubes, flasks, &c. and having a horizontal upper limb 2 vertically adjustable in a support 3 rising from one side of a foot 4, has a clip for holding the test-tu ...

Improvements in saucepans and like cooking utensils. Jesse Clements, February 25, 1932: GB367681-A (4 worldwide citation)

367,681. Saucepans &c. CLEMENTS, J., Dover Road, Northfleet, Kent. June 16, 1931, No. 17458. [Class 66.] To prevent boiling-over of the contents, the rim of a saucepan or other cooking vessel is continued above the lid seating 4 as an outwardly and upwardly curved extension 5, the upper edge of whic ...

Mouth or nasal medicament inhalers. Ronald Hayden Linton, February 25, 1932: GB367580-A (4 worldwide citation)

367,580. Inhalers. LINTON, R. H., 4, Racquet Court, Fleet Street, London. March 7, 1931, No. 7178. [Class 81 (ii).] A medicament inhaler comprises a tubular container 1 for the medicament, preferably of glass, having screwed-on or other detachable caps 3, 4. The cap 3 has a resilient packing 3a whic ...

Torpedo-launching apparatus, more particularly for fast-moving ships or scouts. & Chantiers de La Loire Des, February 25, 1932: GB367733-A (3 worldwide citation)

367,733. Launching torpedoes. SOC. ANON. DES ATELIERS ET CHANTIERS DE LA LOIRE, 4, Rue de Teheran, Paris. Sept. 14, 1931, No. 25721. Convention date, Dec. 29, 1930. Addition to 365,028 [Class 9 (ii). ] The piston f of the torpedo-launching frame of the parent Specification is made, according to the ...

Improvements relating to fusible safety plugs for steam generators. Edward George Hiller, Nat Boiler & General Insurance, February 25, 1932: GB367731-A (3 worldwide citation)

367,731. Fusible plugs for steam boilers. HILLER, E. G. and NATIONAL BOILER & GENERAL INSURANCE CO., Ltd., National Buildings, St. Mary's Parsonage, Manchester. Sept. 10, 1931, No. 25394. [Class 123 (ii).] The fusible metal 3 enclosed between an inner conical plug 2 and a hollow body 1 is protected ...

Improvements in cardboard boxes. Reginald Harry Filmer, February 25, 1932: GB367682-A (3 worldwide citation)

367,682. Receptacles and protectors for growing plants. FILMER, R. H., 9, Allen Street, Clerkenwell, London. June 17, 1931, No. 17569. [Class 6 (ii).] In a cardboard box having inturned flaps at the sides thereof with a small hole in the centre of the box between the engaged flaps which enables the ...

Improvements in tanks for liquid fuel. Frederick Lewis Maitland Booth, February 25, 1932: GB367579-A (3 worldwide citation)

367,579. Tanks. BOOTHBY, F. L. M., 4, Woodvale, Cowes, Isle of Wight. March 6, 1931, No. 7056. [Class 69 (i).] A flexible fuel container 10 has an inner bag 12, which may be lined with goldbeater's skin, inert gas being admitted to and surrounding the container 10 ; an emergency relief valve, consis ...

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